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True or not, that these “tata” were in the frightening avant-garde of victorious Tumens of the great conqueror Chingiskhan, but – after the conquest of the Muslim world – all the conquered and merged into the land of the Golden Horde Turco tribes to the east of Rus, which after its defeat from the tribes of the Great Step also started to be called in the western chronicles “Tatariya” – all of them got the name “the Tatars”.

Nevertheless, the truth of history is that the nation, which is now called “the Tatars of Kazan”, used to live on its own land between the rivers Volga and Kama long before the invasion of Chingiskhan and this nation is not a stranger-nation. Vorobiev wrote: “The name of Tatars (the official name of the inhabitants of the Golden Horde from the side of the Russians) in relation to the people of the Volga-Kama region starts to be used by the Russians only after the moment of erection of Kazan Khanate and after the brilliant victories of this Khanate over the Russians.

Muratsuchi Chaptered AB Schoolbuses: These lands were being considered for a possible base speed dating in san bernardino ca, and are a mixture of private property, wildlife reserves, BLM lands and State recreation areas.Each history is full of mirages, prejudices, wrongness, but few is the number of nations in the whole world, which suffered from so many historical misunderstandings and annalistic mirages as The Tatars did.The name “tata”, “tatar” came from far away China at dawn of Middle Ages, where this name was used to call one of the Mongol tribes.A strong state of Black Sea Bulgarians withstood the wars with Byzantium, but fell under pressure from the Khazars, and the descendants of those went on a journey across Europe, there have been tribal peoples of the Danube Bulgars, the Volga Bulgars, silver, and the Caucasian tribes Balkar, Karachay, and Kumyks.The founders of modern Bulgaria, today"s Tatarstan and neighboring Chuvashia were in V-VII centuries, the same people, and if the Danubian Bulgarians converted to Christianity, soon lost their Turkic identity, while retaining nonetheless the ancient name of their country, the Kazan Tatars, on the contrary, kept all except their name. Many medieval historians knew about the state of Volga Silver Bulgars which was formed in VII-IX centuries.Kazan, in which history starting form long-long time ago there was a fusion of influences and mysteries of the East and the West civilizations, which is standing, like the Eternal City of Rome, on the seven hills, Kazan – is the capital of ancient civilization and country.The city - which is located almost in the very centre of modern Russia, laying only in 800 kilometers to the east from Moscow – is a capital of totally original nation and polyethnic republic between the Volga and the Urals.The Tatars never called themselves with this term, but on the contrary, the Tatars of Kazan considered it to sound as an offensive nickname”.The Tatars of Kazan always kept in mind and stored with particular care in their memory their genuine historical selfname – “Volzhski bulgari”. As early as 550 AD, the Gothic historian Jordan wrote about the Turkic tribes of Bulgarians, who lived in the North Black Sea." Great Bulgaria of early Middle Ages, the successors of which were in the history of the Khanate of Kazan and Tatarstan today, was a powerful and developed nation, trade with all the well known world: Bulgar leather and fur came not only to Eastern countries, but also to Lithuania, Poland, Italy , Flanders ...Talking about enlightened civilization of Volga Bulgars and calling them "trade and industry people", a Russian historian Soloviev wrote: "Since olden times, when the Russian Slav still not started to build the Christian churches on the Oka River, were not taking more of these places for the sake of European citizenship Bulgarians have already listened to the Quran on the banks of the Volga and Kama ...


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