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" Great Bulgaria of early Middle Ages, the successors of which were in the history of the Khanate of Kazan and Tatarstan today, was a powerful and developed nation, trade with all the well known world: Bulgar leather and fur came not only to Eastern countries, but also to Lithuania, Poland, Italy , Flanders ...

Talking about enlightened civilization of Volga Bulgars and calling them "trade and industry people", a Russian historian Soloviev wrote: "Since olden times, when the Russian Slav still not started to build the Christian churches on the Oka River, were not taking more of these places for the sake of European citizenship Bulgarians have already listened to the Quran on the banks of the Volga and Kama ...

This nation has its own language, culture, ancient traditions and holidays, its own religion, but its past and its present is sometimes mixed in a dramatic way with the history and the future life of Russia.

This nation - is the Tatars of Kazan, this country – is the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Tatars of Kazan protected all the real Tatars of the Golden Horde, and all the previous relations, which used to be set by the Russians in regards of the Golden Horde, were transmitted on Kazan Khanate and on its people.

Living there Finnish tribes are still called not the Tatars, but the Bolgars.

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True or not, that these “tata” were in the frightening avant-garde of victorious Tumens of the great conqueror Chingiskhan, but – after the conquest of the Muslim world – all the conquered and merged into the land of the Golden Horde Turco tribes to the east of Rus, which after its defeat from the tribes of the Great Step also started to be called in the western chronicles “Tatariya” – all of them got the name “the Tatars”.

Nevertheless, the truth of history is that the nation, which is now called “the Tatars of Kazan”, used to live on its own land between the rivers Volga and Kama long before the invasion of Chingiskhan and this nation is not a stranger-nation. Vorobiev wrote: “The name of Tatars (the official name of the inhabitants of the Golden Horde from the side of the Russians) in relation to the people of the Volga-Kama region starts to be used by the Russians only after the moment of erection of Kazan Khanate and after the brilliant victories of this Khanate over the Russians.

Even the great English historian and philosopher Roger Bacon, in his great edition, 0ri Ma ¬Pit ¬ num, written in the second half of XIII century, wrote: "Now, for Ethylene, Kuman principality bordered to the north, especially the Great Bulgaria, where were the Bulgars living between Constantinople, Hungary and Sklavoniey.

After all, one that is located in Europe - Low Bulgaria, and there is talk in the language of the Bulgars, living in the Great Bulgaria, which is in Asia ...


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