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That night, Ian kisses Roz, and although she is hesitant the two of them end up having sex. Confused and angry, Tom tries to seduce Lil, who pushes him away, and tells her what he saw.

That night, he stays at her house again, and they have sex.

The two begin a relationship, and Lil reluctantly accepts that he has moved on.

Roz and Ian are still together, although Roz knows that he will not be attracted to her for much longer. Ian meets a girl at the wedding, Hannah, and decides to have sex with her to get back at Roz.

Many famous men have dated Phoebe Tonkin, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes.

But you never dating what the future holds That film zoomed his career skywards in the film world and made him an international star.This list features Phoebe Tonkin’s ex-boyfriends along with additional information about them, such as when they were born and what they do professionally.These men come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're all men that Phoebe Tonkin has either dated or hooked up with.Check out the list of men Phoebe Tonkin has dated, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.Phoebe Tonkin is rumored to have hooked up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in January 2012.Both Roz and Lil admit that they're happy, and they agree to keep going.When Harold returns, Roz tells him that neither she nor Tom can move with him to Sydney.9Now is only able to show live and on demand content in Australia and does not have international streaming right.If you’re outside of Australia, you won’t be able to watch 9Now until you’re back in the country.Roz's son Tom and Lil's son Ian, who are both 18, are also best friends, and the four of them spend all their time together.Roz's husband Harold is offered a job in Sydney, and goes there to make arrangements, even though Roz does not want to move.


  1. Egyptian cleric says men can marry their own daughters if they are born out of wedlock Muslims raising samuels for Royal British Legion hit back at critics who say the poppy is a 'racist' symbol Date night Xavier Samuel started dating Jessica Gomes on Bring our boy home or we'll sue the Foreign Office, say parents of.

  2. Oct 12, 2016. Model Jessica Gomes and Twilight actor Xavier Samuel walk arm in arm while grabbing breakfast to go on Monday October 10 in West Hollywood, Calif. The 31-year-old model and 32-year-old actor were seen kissing as well as they walked out of the cafe. It's not clear how long the two have been dating!

  3. From his starring role in the incredibly popular Twilight Saga to a role opposite Brad Pitt in war movie Fury, Xavier Samuel is well and truly cementing his status in the film industry. The Victorian born actor recently returned to Australia to reprise his role as David Locking for the sequel to A Few Best Men, aptly named A Few.

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