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The result is a portrait of the planet’s epic scope held in perfect balance by David Attenborough’s lively, intimate narration.If you haven’t seen it yet, turn off the lights, turn on the biggest screen you own, and prepare to be dazzled. London Spy Writer Tom Rob Smith and director Jakob Verbruggen’s unsung miniseries begins as a scintillating come on: Danny (Ben Whishaw), a slip-thin, strung out club kid, meets the hunky, mysterious Alex (Edward Holcroft, who wears a towel better than Zsa Zsa Gabor wore mink), and the two embark on a brief, lip-bitingly seductive affair.Of course, everybody in town has a secret, and no one takes kindly to the mounting media attention.As Hardy and Miller continue their investigation, the mystery unfolds in a slow, deceptively languid fashion, lingering on the effects of the child’s death upon the town’s residents.As the series opens, Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle wants a transfer—the crime rate is half the standard, and he’s tired of pencil pushing and traffic policing.

Moore’s Battlestar Galactica remake redefined what sci-fi could be. Davies seemed to conclude that Torchwood would be better suited to leave the frivolity for the good Doctor, and let Harkness go to darker places.

Creator-writer Chris Chibnall (another Doctor Who vet) is a master of atmosphere (a haunting, piano-driven score, the glistening seaside vistas) by taking his time with the details, he keeps the whodunit at a slow boil that rewards patient viewers. Planet Earth Since the subject of a magisterial sequel, a dispatch from a disappearing world, the original Planet Earth, which debuted in 2006, is perhaps the finest introduction to nature’s innumerable variations ever recorded.

In 11 episodes, one focused on the effects of climate change and each of the other 10 devoted to a particular biome, the BBC Natural History Unit’s docuseries captures mouse lemurs and blue whales, oceanic depths and mountain peaks, all in what was, for its time, cutting-edge HD.

run the gamut from the classic (Fawlty Towers) to the contemporary (Sherlock), the sunny (The Great British Baking Show) to the shattering (Broadchurch), but all the titles on Paste’s list share the broadcaster’s deft touch.

Now, thanks to Netflix, these British imports are at your fingertips. River The premise sounds daft, to be honest: The brilliant Detective Inspector John River (Stellan Skarsgård) spends his days solving cases alongside the “ghost” of his deceased partner, Detective Sergeant Jackie Stevenson (Nicola Walker).


  1. US comedian and actor Rob Riggle will star in a new BBC3 comedy that turns dating into a US-style TV sports show. World Series of Dating will combine.

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