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During the “common time” after Pentecost we will be directed to fourteen more readings, beginning in Romans 5 and progressing through the book to chapter 14. Romans is a famous and history-making Biblical book. This “business” of the letter did not itself require the long exposition of the gospel that makes up the Epistle.

There are only a couple of readings from Romans in each of the other two years of the Lectionary cycle. The Epistle contains neither personal stuff about Paul nor any instructions specific to hearers in Rome.

They should hear from his own presentation just what they were being asked to share in and support!

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Consequences: Instructions for living in mutual love. ~~~~ The earliest surviving copy of Paul’s letters – collected long after his own time – is the papyrus codex P, copied around 200 CE and containing major fragments of Romans 5-16.

The letter was written in Corinth in the spring of 57 CE (or possibly a year or two earlier).

Paul was finishing about eight years of intense missionary activity in the Roman provinces of Galatia, Macedonia, Achaia, and Asia (now western Turkey and Greece).

At the time of writing, Paul was preparing for a hazardous trip to Jerusalem on important church business, which would require the better part of a year.

See the discussion near the end of this review.) The Letter is written to the Christians of Rome far in advance of Paul’s expected visit to them.


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