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Who is robyn carlsson dating

r Robyn slipped the announcement into a tweet so discreet it almost went by unnoticed. Some time this year honey." The tweet was posted on February 7th, but apart from the fan in question, it took almost two weeks before the rest of the world noticed. The 38-year-old artist, whose full name is Robin Miriam Carlsson, had her start as a singer while still a teenager but later fell out with her label and went independent.

She revealed the news to a fellow Twitter user who asked "Who decides your next album release date tbh." That tweet in turn was in response to Robyn's original tweet which said: "Thinking about space, if it's public space. But when it did, it got pretty excited: "2018 just became worthwhile!!! She has since achieved international success with a string of songs such as ' With Every Heartbeat' and ' Dancing On My Own', which bring an occasional R'n' B edge to synth-pop. Episode three's Swedish guests both lived in the United States before returning to home soil.

She loves touring with them, she says, because they have kids, which means they like to take long breaks, and because they have a sense of humour.

Which isn’t to say we don’t enjoy it as we shoulder-roll, high-kick and booty-shake along with her.

But unlike most other pop stars (she hates that term), Robyn is, as usual, very much doing what she wants, and very much for herself.

This is pretty typical: she’s more interested in her listeners being themselves than in them refashioning themselves in her image.

While her pop star peers exhibit a standard of highly controlled perfection, she’s become an icon of free-spirited self-expression.


  1. The official website and Tumblr of Robyn. For her upcoming festival performances in America, Robyn has invited some of her favorite artists in dance music from across the globe to remix key tracks from throughout her career, and will be playing these versions of the songs. One month until North American tour dates!

  2. Robyn Carlsson was born on June 12, 1979 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden as Robin Miriam Carlsson. became UNICEF ambassador. She traveled to Tanzania and Kenya. She is engaged to mixed martial artist and artist, Olof Inger, since 2008. They have been dating since 2002. Both of her parents are actors.

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