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Who is john lennon dating

To media interviewers, John said he and Yoko were simply taking a break from each other and there was nothing wrong with their marriage. He said the separation was permanent and there was no suggestion that it was by mutual agreement.'He said she'd kicked him out and he didn't know when or even if they'd be getting back together.' John was to call the next 14 months his Lost Weekend, borrowing the title of Billy Wilder's film about alcoholism and urban loneliness.Upset at Nixon winning again, John was totally out of his head on drugs, pills and drink.

The assistant, understandably, refused, and Yoko was left with much to think about. She and John had sacrificed a lot to be together and it was worth it because they were so much in love.

John's sexual drive remained as intense as ever, but Yoko was finding herself less able, or inclined, to deal with it.

She was an increasingly unresponsive lover and John taunted her that she was like a Victorian wife - 'you just lie there and think of England'.

He talked enviously about a fellow British rock star who simply went to the bar at the Plaza Hotel each night and sat there until some young woman picked him up and they adjourned to a suite. They even discussed a candidate, guitarist David Spinozza. 'I wouldn't mind having sex with him myself.' So John flew to Los Angeles with May Pang, for what May thought would be a two-week stay.

A friend, former disc jockey Elliot Mintz, met them at the airport.


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