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The ‘Hollywood Divas‘ reunion just aired and following the episode, one of the shows stars Countess Vaughn dropped her official new single and video.

During the season, we saw the former ‘The Parkers‘ actress get back in the studio to work on new music, at the advice of her good friend Ray J.

As we head into final turn of the election season with the very controversial Proposition 8 on the ballots in California, now seems like as good a time as ever to re-acquaint ourselves with the 100 in 2007, which was my first press-related discussion, or sort of announcement. The concern we had at the beginning of the show, and one that we still have, is that once you do a gay show and talk about your personal sexuality, nobody wants to talk about anything else.

It became to be such a dumb thing to be dodging the question.

AE: Absolutely, and it’s a really positive thing for you to be able to do that and to increase the images of gay black men in the media.DS: The people who responded well to my character didn’t necessarily need it, and for the people who looked up to Noah, it’s only going to help them to see me in my personal life being honest with who I am.I’ve always been honest with who I am personally, but it doesn’t hurt to be public as well.It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s nothing I’ve never been ashamed of, so why make a big deal out of it?AE: Now Jensen, your character was straight in the beginning until he went into the whole relationship with Noah, and I wanted to know personally since you’re straight, how has your opinion of the gay community changed, if at all?JA: Well, in public forums it’s not something I generally speak on. JA: For me, on the subject of sexuality, the reason I have the interest I do is because of acting, which is what I do for a living. I’ve heard a lot of speculation as far as why people think it was canceled.For me, it’s a little belittling to focus on what my sexuality is as opposed to what my talent is. Public forums, I feel, aren’t the right place to discuss it. A few years ago after ended its second season, it wasn’t picked up after being very successful and gaining a huge following for Logo, and that led to a lot of speculation as to the reasons behind its cancellation. I also think that there is somebody out there that knows what the real answer is – the person who makes those decisions. or an entirely new project featuring some of the cast?In case you forgot, the hit series ran on Logo from October 19, 2005, to October 4, 2006 was wildly popular and became a hit as the first television show centered around a group of LGBT black men.I will say that I understand that Logo has a lot of people that they‘re trying to appeal to within the LGBTQ community.A show like , it’s much more cost-effective for them to do a show like that as opposed to this big narrative with wardrobe budgets and sets and shooting in Vancouver.


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