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Even though they loved each other when they married, they now hate each other. The couple travel through time and find themselves as 20-year-old university students, when they met for the first time. We need 16 and more and more Heartwarming and light Drama. Or at least this can change your perspective about life and makes you wanna love and understand your spouse and family members even more, just like me. By the way, is it just me or what, I'm 100% team Ban Do since ep.1! :] This drama very good & nice, teaching us how to respect our spouse. Misunderstanding can become no 1 killer if you never tell your spouse what are you thinking of. And this drama make me falling in love again with my husband. The second lead is also very charming that makes him also adorably good for the lead actress as couple though the first lead actor has it all to love this show especially to Jang Nara's thumbs up acting skills. Not trap in his curiousity of his first love , and I am glad it prooved someone perfect like Nam Gil ever liked Min Joo. i think this drama has a lot of things more than just a 'got-divorced, then-love-again' stuffs like some of you said. but it will be totally wrong if you ignore seeing Ban Do's side.

When I first heard of Go Back Couple, I wasn't too impressed with the casting, but now I think it's the perfect casting. It's not only focus in their couple love life but also their family and friend. Every episode make me cry, and the last episode makes my eyes so red because of crying so much. I laugh and cry, moved by the story especially about Ma Jin Jo relationship with her mother. The whole scenes in each episode always killing me. Son Ho Jun is the best actor to play as Ban Do, can't imagine any other actors. Honestly I'm very disappointed why finish so fast, doesn't matter for me if this drama will airing until 100 episode . This show really makes you more hook to it and eventually love it! the drama teach us about love, family, and friendship. This is definitely the best heartwarming and tearingheart drama I ever seen. idk but i think you guys are blinded with the charm of the second lead too much. i mean, how can some of you say he is a jerk when you've seen it before his being a loving father and hard-working husband for his family?

Son Hojun and Jang Nara really give us an awesome performance. Love you ho jun BEST DRAMA EVERRRR ♡♡♡♡♡ I would dare to say this drama is equivalent level to Kill Me Heal Me, Fated to Love You The chemistry of all actors and actresses are no joke!! he regrets every single thing that he did during his youth life. regardless his effort to make it better later on...

Their chemistry can bring us to feel what they feel. That's why he became a lowly worker in the future and unconsciously made his wife has to feel the same like what he has been through. if he really will do any big effort on fixing the relationship with jin joo, isn't it just another selfish wills to make him self feels better after realizing all the bad thing happened because of him?

i pulled the plug halfway i didnt have the crave to watch the next epi cuz i got lost many times i didnt know if they were in the past or present i think they didnt do a good job of warning me they just throw everything at me without any order and told me to figure it out by myself the story line was weak and i knew what was gonna happen in the end there was no mysteries or secrets to be revealed or amnesiacs or people going crazy and losing their speech or babies getting switched at birth etc this drama was too dull for me or maybe im going through a bad trend cuz yesterday i dumped borg mom at epi 5 and last week i dumped chicago typewriter at epi 3 and our gap soon by halfway thats 4 in row I finished this drama yesterday and all I cay say it is a perfect drama that comes once in a years! Its one of those dramas that leaves you with a sigh at the end of each episode, it hits all the right spots. Please don't say the purpose is to trigger their old love back Please don’t be like the rest of the Korean drama and have the main couple get together. Although some might say that if jin joo end up with nam jil, they might become the same situation as ban do.

I loved everything in it and the story of the mom made me cry the whole series. I just wish it was longer, I wanted them to show the changes more in the present day. Be original and have the main lead with their new lover. So for I am giving this show 1p0% but if the ending ends the way like the rest of putting the two main together at the end it willl literally drop to 50% and become one of those great to ehhhhhh it was ok until the ending f it all up.... If the couple are not happy together, always blame each other, force themselves in the marriage just because of the child, this is not right. But I think nam jil and ban do have really different personality. I think it will turn out to be different if they get together at the end.

All of the actors did a great job and specially jin joo and ban do, everytime they cried i couldn't stop myself from crying also. T_T This drama really pulled my heartstrings, i was dying little by little whenever i see the mom. However, considering Ban Do and Jin Joo had Seo Jin together I knew Jin Joo would never fall in love with Nam Gil, but still I loved Nam Gil so much. jang na rang again never failed me for making a great romantic drama again....i had lots of good laugh but at the same time i feel lots of warmth in this drama and of course lots of sweet moments... From the beginning I wanted them to get back together (Nam Gil was sooo good too, I loved him as well), they suit each other well. Park's treatment of Ban do had such a huge part to play on how the couple drifted apart too. please don't force something just because the child - _ - the divorced is just a cumulative of everything, caring for each other doesn't mean they have to go back together again.

It really gets to me..we could turn back time like them, who would you go see first and who would you miss dearest? :) All the pairings in this drama were very lovable, and beside from the amazing bond between mother & daugher, I loved the friendship between Sul, Bo Reum, and Jin Joo, ahh it was just so wonderful I can not calm down to explain my thoughts in an understandable way. But one question: SPOILER AHEAD On the present day, the court called them about their divorce. Im still at epi 6 but i want to leave a comment already. it's just a human nature to care of someone that already close with us.

Koala (not pronounced as one word) – and kinda like it when people call me Koala or Mz. 😛 If you want to send me a private message, you can email me at: [email protected] can’t promise that I will respond, but I will try my best.I was thinking that maybe Dok-Jae would get together with Sul, but maybe that would have been too much haha... I was so curious as to what Ban Do's job was because he obviously isnt working for. but that doesn't mean they can make them self happy inside.What I was missing though was when they came back to present time... Jiin Joo and Nam Gill are more likely able to fill each other, respect each other and happy together as he has a strong character that can support Jin joo, so she won't loose her self esteem. I don’t care, when I grab the mic, I have several gold spoons Several uncooked steaks over there make me mad Once again, I’ll chew you all up, on the night of the stars Center of World Business 1st on the recruitment list, sold out This class is not common, enjoy this value Bad odors with good scents are against the rules Mic mic bungee Mic mic bungee Bright lights, going forward You thought I was gonna fail but I’m fine, sorry Sorry, Billboard Sorry, worldwide Sorry mom, your son’s too hot I’m being a good son in place of you No cons in our concerts I do it, I do it, you’re a bad ratatouille If you’re jealous, sue me Sue it Did you see my bag Did you see my bag My bag’s filled with trophies How you think bout that How you think bout that Haters are already giving up My success is already so golden I’m so firin’ firin’ like a torchbearer You’re rushing to run away How you dare How you dare How you dare So many trophies in my hands Too heavy, my hands aren’t enough Mic drop Mic drop Careful of your feet Careful of what you say Lodi dodi, I’m so busy Too busy, my one body isn’t enough Mic drop Mic drop Careful of your feet Careful of what you say This is the the exact saying Right will prevail in the end Once upon a time Aesop’s Fables, fly Look at your reality, too bad Even if I die now, I’m damn happy Which country are we going to this time?Spending hours on a plane Yeah I’m on the mountain Yeah I’m on the bay Total exhaustion on the stage Mic drop bam Did you see my bag Did you see my bag My bag’s filled with trophies How you think bout that How you think bout that Haters are already giving up My success is already so golden I’m so firin’ firin’ like a torchbearer You’re rushing to run away How you dare How you dare How you dare So many trophies in my hands Too heavy, my hands aren’t enough Mic drop Mic drop Careful of your feet Careful of what you say Lodi dodi, I’m so busy Too busy, my one body isn’t enough Mic drop Mic drop Careful of your feet Careful of what you say Haters gon’ hate Players gon’ play Live a life.Choi Ban-Do (Son Ho-Jun) and Ma Jin-Joo (Jang Na-Ra) are both 38-years-old and a married couple. I cried in every episodes, especially in the several last ones. I will never know what is on her head even I'm living with her for 100 years. That word exactly the same like my husband told me every time when i keep silent with him because he didn't know what i want. He always tried hiding his suffer towards his family, and he wants his family feel secure and doesn't worry about him. The writer so great, she/he persuade me smoothly to make me can accept happy ending for Ban do and Jin Joo without angry/dissatisfied feeling. First i rlly hope nam gil and jin joo will end up together but then ep 8 and 9 made me cried and laugh a lot as well as understand the chemistry between ban do and jin joo. this drama showing how married couple suppose to act and face their problem there's a time i'm falling to Nam Gil as a second lead male, how he can treat jinju nicely first, i'm disapponted for Son Ho Jun as Ban Do, but ep 8, i can feel their chemistry, and they still care for each other, of course wish a good ending for this drama Team Choi Ban Do here ! all i see that Bando and Jinjoo are stil love each other. Jang Nara deserves an award in this such a great actress, this drama and all of the actors in this are refreshing to watch. There is no Nam Gil at episode 7 at all..just one scene of nam gil of episode 8. T But I am glad Choi Ban Do sure about who is his true love is. Can't wait to see more episodes coming idk i just typed a really long comment and then when i clicked 'submit comment', my comment just disappeared.Choi Ban-Do has been burdened with being the breadwinner and Ma Jin-Joo is a housewife with low self-esteem. This drama can be a marriage saver to some, I believe. Watching choi ban do crying and say that he also trying his best make me realize that we should sharing with our spouse. I like how the story matches from future to its past stories. When he come back at 2017, sure he will appreciate and love Min Joo more. it just went far away there and i didn't even do the 'ctrl-c' before i clicked that damn thing. anyway, for those who have said she should end up with the oh-so-hot second lead, please think again. it's not wrong for you to see the main problem from Jin Joo's view.With Jang Na Ra and Kim Mi-Kyung onboard, you can at least expect some amazing scenes from these two ladies because they are great at portraying emotional scenes. This drama is one of the few dramas that saved 2017. I fell in love with Nam Gil sunbae with his tsundere character, made me once again had second lead syndrom. Every character had a good closure I was hoping for more episodes but it ended in just 12 episodes i am disappointed but i just want to express that this drama was a very good one. Even the ratings are not that so high because its airing late night (11pm) in korea the people are showing so much love on the drama that they demand an extension but the director says that they will stick do the plan and that is 12 episodes only. It deserves more airing time, because this drama really hits home :( is the rating really THAT bad until they have to cut down 4 episodes?! I and my friend always wait for every episode of this drama. Maybe this is not the best KDrama of the year but this drama bring out the happiness when you watch it. Thank You to all casts ♡^^ sun ho jun oppa you are great actor I really looking forward for your next drama you deserve more success ♡ Best drama! Not to mention his solid chemistry with Jang Na Ra. Please make movie for go back couple, love it 10 thumbs up for this show This drama very good & nice, teaching us how to respect our spouse. Because korean drama is my best expectations of happy life, happy relationship. Beautifully made and I'm looking forward in its upcoming episodes. he worked all night long just to make a living, even being an underling for a total jerk.After watching it, Son Ho Jun and the rest of the casts proved to be equally good in their crafts despite the fact that most of them are relatively new on screen or taking up leads for the first time. But well, i like Choi Ban Do too and i know that he is the best choice for Ma Jin Joo. They go back to the past to confess each other about their feeling and unspoken words. I cried a lot everytime Jang Nara cried...relate much as a wife. personally i really like it and seems like many international fans like it too... i really dont want to watch the ending, i dont want it to end T_T This is the only drama that even though the last episode was kinda rush, it still give justice on it. It has a solid storyline that actually entice me to watch it without breaking. So far this is the best drama that I have watched this year! Honestly I'm very disappointed why finish so fast, doesn't matter for me if this drama will airing until 100 episode . they got separated by such stupid misunderstandings and we truly know and realize they still love each other very much, and don't you think it's not fair? idk if you feel it too, but their love story is just so heart-warming for me. just say whether the baby exists or not, i'm still rooting for them to be together.Hence, KBS Awards 2017 even introduced it as a Counterattack viewership and real-life drama during the ceremony. Only 12 episodes but i think it's perfect the way it is. This drama makes me take a step back to think and to remind us that our partner is as important. I sobbed in the scenes whenever she is with her mom because i feel the regrets of not being good with my mom before she died. I love the show and i told my friends to watch it too! It had a few moments where the incidents weren't quite logical, but as we all know in kdramaland, anything is fair game. from what i see, when he is with Seo Young, i just see a caring older brother.This drama is said and acknowledged by KBS and Netizens as one of the best drama in 2017 despite it's overused go back in time trick... Couple should talk about their feelings, emotions etc.. Like i want to see her again and make all the bad things that happened between us erased and turn it to happy moments! I'm also sad that this show end and that she did not end up with Nam gil because i am team Nam Gil! it's okay for us to ship whatever couple in this drama. Nam gil sooooo perfect guy..everyone said they r perfect couple.


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