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Hence, KBS Awards 2017 even introduced it as a Counterattack viewership and real-life drama during the ceremony. Only 12 episodes but i think it's perfect the way it is. This drama makes me take a step back to think and to remind us that our partner is as important. I sobbed in the scenes whenever she is with her mom because i feel the regrets of not being good with my mom before she died. I love the show and i told my friends to watch it too! It had a few moments where the incidents weren't quite logical, but as we all know in kdramaland, anything is fair game. from what i see, when he is with Seo Young, i just see a caring older brother.

This drama is said and acknowledged by KBS and Netizens as one of the best drama in 2017 despite it's overused go back in time trick... Couple should talk about their feelings, emotions etc.. Like i want to see her again and make all the bad things that happened between us erased and turn it to happy moments! I'm also sad that this show end and that she did not end up with Nam gil because i am team Nam Gil! it's okay for us to ship whatever couple in this drama. Nam gil sooooo perfect guy..everyone said they r perfect couple.

Other cast give us their great performance too, especially for Ma Jin Joo's mom and sunbae Jung Nam Gil. Hope to see u again in next project, Son Hojun and Jang Nara ☺️ The various relationships that this drama explores are the real highlight of this whole story. a child needs to see and feel that both parents are happy, that's the important thing.

I love it that all the characters are lovable despite their obvious flaws. One thing Iam not satisfied is why this drama only have 12 episodes ???? Not a couple who force them self and the pattern will go round all over again.

Credits to the great script and solid acting from all actors and actresses created this wonderful gem in 2017. I've never been so satisfied and happy after watching kdramas for 4 years. This drama felt complete, but I think an extra episode would've been good. I was waiting for an update this morning for another episode, and there's none. I don't know why its only 12 episodes..a very good drama. but sometimes it upsets me when you guys start talking sh*t things about him, you know. N i agree,i love nam gil (n real life Chang Ki Young). The reason for them to go back when they were young is to find what have been lost… I think in the end Jin joo and Ban Do will mend their broken hearts Im so agree with Eintek..the problem is that Jin joo must fall in love with Nam gil first so she can proceed with Eintek and most of us's idea, because what i see until 6th episode, there are no significant confirmation of Jin Joo's heart towards Nam gil..a little bit of 'flutter'...i think its not enough to say that she feel the same as Nam gil felt towards her....or, may be im the one who missed anything?

Choi Ban-Do has been burdened with being the breadwinner and Ma Jin-Joo is a housewife with low self-esteem. This drama can be a marriage saver to some, I believe. Watching choi ban do crying and say that he also trying his best make me realize that we should sharing with our spouse. I like how the story matches from future to its past stories. When he come back at 2017, sure he will appreciate and love Min Joo more. it just went far away there and i didn't even do the 'ctrl-c' before i clicked that damn thing. anyway, for those who have said she should end up with the oh-so-hot second lead, please think again. it's not wrong for you to see the main problem from Jin Joo's view.It is unlike the other childish dramas which teach you nothing and just waste your time. but you fell in love with the male lead..what i liked about this is that it gave a good ending to the 2nd male lead... But it definitely is one of the best dramas out there. I feel nam jil has pure love for jin joo, always care and cherish her. there are already too many drama that ends with the divorced couple getting back again, heck no!I learnd from it to know my youth and family worths despite the obtacles in life. I must admit I had a very strong second lead syndrome, since I just loved Nam Gil. this is the 3rd kdrama this 2017 that i could gave 5 star rating ( weightlifting fairy and strong woman ) for living it up to its rom com genre... When Jang Nara cries I cry too and Ban Do's side of the story is soo touching as well. the reality even though it was a miscommunication or what not, they just not happy being together...I have read about how others thought that the ratings are bad and were cut to 12 episodes only but it ISN'T TRUE. This is a variety drama, sealing it's fate as a 12 episodes drama to begin with. I almost think that Jang Na-Ra was really married and has Her acting was so natural. Maybe the title of this drama is kind of playwords, written in hangul as '고백' (means confession) and can read as 'go back' in english (*/n: this is just my random thought haha) Anw, this is one of the best k-drama i've ever watch. Amazing drama.a heart warming life lessons are learnt in every single episode. Very good casting and hope to another drama from them. It hightlight how much parent especially mother give out so much love to their kid espcially first orn. I also like how they potrayed the real couple would go trough, in terms of emotions, actions. Hoping for a special episode that will also show other characters story. Please make movie for go back couple, love it 10 thumbs up for this show At first i was disappointed why it had to ended at 12. for those reasons, that's why i choose Ban Do even from the very first episode. i think this drama has a lot of things more than just a "got-divorced, then-love-again" stuffs like some of you said so.It is not a high rating drama if we just compare the figures with the usual K-drama. I was not expecting much from the story especially it was based on time travel, it was done over and over.. I cried with Jin Joo whenever she missed her son and crying her heart out about it. Married life becomes mundane after years together and with kids, focus moves. his being with his first love, i don't know about you guys, but i think i just see him as a caring old brother. just so you know, we still can't predict how the ending would be. idk why, maybe you guys are just too blinded by the charm of the second lead. maybe you just see the problem from the Jin Joo's view.I was thinking that maybe Dok-Jae would get together with Sul, but maybe that would have been too much haha... I was so curious as to what Ban Do's job was because he obviously isnt working for. but that doesn't mean they can make them self happy inside.What I was missing though was when they came back to present time... Jiin Joo and Nam Gill are more likely able to fill each other, respect each other and happy together as he has a strong character that can support Jin joo, so she won't loose her self esteem. I don’t care, when I grab the mic, I have several gold spoons Several uncooked steaks over there make me mad Once again, I’ll chew you all up, on the night of the stars Center of World Business 1st on the recruitment list, sold out This class is not common, enjoy this value Bad odors with good scents are against the rules Mic mic bungee Mic mic bungee Bright lights, going forward You thought I was gonna fail but I’m fine, sorry Sorry, Billboard Sorry, worldwide Sorry mom, your son’s too hot I’m being a good son in place of you No cons in our concerts I do it, I do it, you’re a bad ratatouille If you’re jealous, sue me Sue it Did you see my bag Did you see my bag My bag’s filled with trophies How you think bout that How you think bout that Haters are already giving up My success is already so golden I’m so firin’ firin’ like a torchbearer You’re rushing to run away How you dare How you dare How you dare So many trophies in my hands Too heavy, my hands aren’t enough Mic drop Mic drop Careful of your feet Careful of what you say Lodi dodi, I’m so busy Too busy, my one body isn’t enough Mic drop Mic drop Careful of your feet Careful of what you say This is the the exact saying Right will prevail in the end Once upon a time Aesop’s Fables, fly Look at your reality, too bad Even if I die now, I’m damn happy Which country are we going to this time?Spending hours on a plane Yeah I’m on the mountain Yeah I’m on the bay Total exhaustion on the stage Mic drop bam Did you see my bag Did you see my bag My bag’s filled with trophies How you think bout that How you think bout that Haters are already giving up My success is already so golden I’m so firin’ firin’ like a torchbearer You’re rushing to run away How you dare How you dare How you dare So many trophies in my hands Too heavy, my hands aren’t enough Mic drop Mic drop Careful of your feet Careful of what you say Lodi dodi, I’m so busy Too busy, my one body isn’t enough Mic drop Mic drop Careful of your feet Careful of what you say Haters gon’ hate Players gon’ play Live a life.I think what I like the most about this drama is how realistic is the portrayal of the characters. This drama give you the meaning of love and life, the meaning is truly beautiful :') I cried soo hard from the first episode, because I see how hard Jin Joo worked at home (because I'm a mother too).. Whatever the ending i just know that i must appreciate relationship between family, friend and all around me. And how come her face never change at all, she still the same from last decade even looks more beautiful. going back and forth through time to win our crush is the one of best idea in romcom kdrama. seriously , if you make a mistake fix it as soon as possible not by going back to the past and rewrite.I can totally related to Jin Joo when she just following her mum the whole day or when she cried herself to sleep every night because she misses her son. Jang Na-Ra is always great with crying scenes, but with Son Ho-Jun, it's just so painful. Two things that I really loved about this drama is Kim Mi-Kyung (Go Eun-Sook), almost all of her scenes made me cry, and Go Dok Jae for making me laugh so hard. And I hate Ban Do a lot (Thank God my husband is helping me with homework and financial things, not like Ban Do). because i know i cannot return back my past like this drama. especially those scenes when Jin Joo hugs her mom sooooo lovely like she is happy also afraid to lose her again. Oh my~~~ @meimifenh, why shouldn`t this drama be on air, I don`t get your point of view? Although I know the leading couple doing to be together at the end but still can't help myself fall for second male lead jung nam gil... too much time traveling drama in this year, but i still have to admit that manhole is the most funny and exaggerating time travel drama i have watched until now.


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