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It took him decades to 'out' himself, he told the schoolchildren.

"At 49 I told my step-mother Gladys, she said she had known for 40 years." He grew to be very close to his step-mother, who was a Quaker.

7 ceremony, perhaps making up for letting news of the wedding slip back in March.

He added that it was "a worry that some Christians, Muslims, Jews and some religious people think that part of their faith is a need to believe that gay people are sinful, and in some sense not God's creatures"."My mother died when I was 12 and my father died when I was 24, and I didn't get around to telling him," he explained.Both his parents were religious but he has previously described them as "non-conformist Christians".Us said the newlyweds are on their honeymoon, but the celebrity news website didn't report where their holiday is taking place.Mc Kellen and Stewart are known for playing super-powered foes in the X-Men film franchise.We had not really invented the word gay - at school I used to be called Oscar, after Oscar Wilde."So to come back to school for the first time in 50 years and see this is heartening, to see that as a nation we have so rapidly grown up.This Morning continues tomorrow morning at 10.30am. Mc Kellen then amusingly paid tribute to them on Facebook after the Sept.How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.


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