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Who does shantel vansanten dating

They were engaged for seven years…yes you heard right, engaged for SEVEN YEARS, which is perhaps why it eventually went belly up and they went their separate ways. And for those of you wondering about Shantel Van Santen and Robert Buckley, aka Quinn and Clay (the cutest couple on OTH) – as much as we would love to include them on this list, unfortunately these two are nothing more than good friends. There has been much speculation about these two recently, often showing up in each other’s photos on their social media accounts, but sadly, they’re adamant that their romance was strictly onscreen only.

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Shantel Van Santen is currently dating Jon Fletcher.Must shape/be shaping worldviews in ways we don't fully grasp yet.America is watching you." cnn.it/2CCD8Ol #Students Stand Up snpy.tv/2Ca VD0x Incredibly moved by @Delaney Tarr’s speech today.If you blinked then you may have just missed Kenzie Dalton’s small role on when she appeared as a Ravens cheerleader in a handful of episodes in season three.But even though she wasn’t romantically linked to Lucas and her time on the show was brief, it was obviously enough time to catch the eye of Chad Michael Murray who she met on set and began a long-term relationship with.The two actors- who share the same show ‘One Tree Hill’ have been frequently spotted dating each other behind the sets.The two met back in 2010 and while they played love interest in the series, there were no news regarding any intimate relation in real the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.He's a great man, and we agree on most important things.Like keeping track of phone numbers and calling people back.was a teenage drama that predominantly focused on relationships, so it’s only fitting that it be the birthplace of a fair few off-screen romances too.So here are a few stars that dabbled in some off-screen loving…


  1. By Keith Davis Shantel VanSanten gives the. Because all she kept telling me was that she wanted to inspire people and I feel that she does through me being able.

  2. Two things about Patty Spivot quickly became clear during her first appearance on The CW's The Flash She does not like metahumans, and she very much does like one.

  3. The co-stars even sleep in the same bed! Backstage at the Jill Stuart runway show during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week on Sept. 11 we got to catch up.

  4. Lea Michele & Robert Buckley Are Dating Lea Michele is dating. To Shantel VanSanten from. Just becasue you may not find her attractive does not mean.

  5. Robert Buckley is known to be Shantel Van Santen’s boyfriend. Shantel Vansanten and Robert Buckley are seen publicly together many times. Previously, she was dating.

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