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In an article in The American Cutler (April 1922), he claimed that his company made the best stainless steel cutlery on the market.

His machines could grind at the hardly believable rate of 24 blades at once.

The blades were stamped Wade & Butcher, Sheffield, England, which suggests that they were imported.

But Bernard Levine in his Guide to Knives and Their Values (1997) believes that they are more likely to have been made or assembled in America.

he Wade & Butcher name is not only the best-known Sheffield straight razor brand, but their razors deserve the accolades heaped on them.

Robert Wade started his “Old Sheffield Razors” company in New York in 1810 and imported quality Sheffield steel razors for the next eight years.

Industrial archaeologists from Sheffield University first surveyed the building.

After clearing the accumulated dirt and debris of many decades, they found a hand forge with the original anvil, leather bellows, and wooden quenching barrel. By 2007, the old factory had been transformed with a 3 million grant into new offices, shops, and apartments.

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But at the least, something of its Victorian grandeur has been preserved.Durham-Duplex failed to capture the mass market for safety razors.Sheehans efforts had echoes of other Sheffield companies, which tried to compete with the industry leader Gillette and were undone by various circumstances, not least the depression.The logo has a “biker” look to it, but the Sheffield steel used in Wade Butchers earned them a reputation for incredible shaving comfort.These razors enjoy cult status, with meetups, forum groups, branded t-shirts, and more.In 1819, he partnered with the Sheffield-based Butcher brothers, William and Samuel, and their company became Wade & Butcher.This company would survive and thrive for another century and a half, and now is due to relaunch during 2017.The factory had long been home to a variety of small businesses and some of the workshops continued to be occupied until about 2000. 72 Arundel Street fell silent and its future became uncertain.However, the city authorities chose Butcher Works for a showpiece restoration.Ouverture d'une fenêtre de dialogue, avec navigation par tabulation pour ouvrir un compte ou se connecter à un compte existant.L'inscription et la connexion peuvent être réalisées via un compte Google ou Facebook.


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  3. The stamps of English monarchs. by Zak Jarvis Sep 4, 2013 Historical Perspective. These two Wade & Butcher razors probably both date to before Robert Wade died.

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