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Updating nero 5 1 1 1

No offense but I don't really care who wrote it, when I ask that question I want to know what is dif between the players themselves.One that I just figured out is that on MPC there is no check for hiding the playlist on fullscreen like there is on -HC version.

"CDR-102 (4x2/512K)") refer to the read and write speeds of the unit and the size of the write buffer.Hi All I installed MPC-home cinema 1.2.1008, but when I try to open it, a message comes up- "MPC - Homecinema has encounted a problem and needs to close." Previously I had tried 2 previous versions of MPC and the same happened, all since I reinstalled XP, but it worked ok before. By Default in the 32-bit versiojn, when u press the Nump PAD keys .. but is it possible to give mpc features for viewing images (like a slideshow) along with the ability to stertch 4:3 images to 16:9 (as for videos) and view it on a HDTV/normal TV as a slideshow ? hope it will be there in the next release for all those who are yelling in support of media player classic ..vlc its gr8 and if you arent satisfied yet..the ultimate answer to all video players is KL PLAYER.just plays everythin wch even vlc refuses to play..nedds no codecs found it awesome...fantabulous Why does media player classic freeze for 20seconds when i try to go move to another part of the movie and my second processor is 100%?? if u just take a few minutes to learn the shortcut keys.Any ideas Thanks Barry I Just Installed The 64-bit Version Of MPC on Vista Ultimate x64. the video size adjusts based on the numbers you press. my keyboard is working fine.i checked the Num PAD keys with different applications. It started happening when i changed my memory,processor and motherboard. only prob i found is when you install codec packages,it plays . Anyway, I love the basic light weight player and plan on figuring out the rest. I just read that MPC will now display PNG thumbnails of cover images. I've been using Media Player Classic v6.4.9.1 for quite some time as my way to play air checks from the Reel Radio web site. replaced the Arc Soft softwere because of glitches and replaced it with Nero vision.It's worked great for me with no need to use the bloated Real Player. I'm sure MPC is all its cracked up to be, Ive heard many good reviews. I still use the Arc Soft video converter after downloading FLV with If An Image file is placed in the playlist, it shows the picture( mostly ) which is really cool.But it just stays like that & stops the playlist until you manually press Next."6x4x2/1MB" would be a drive that reads at 6x, writes to CD-R media at 4x, and writes to CD-RW media at 2x.Some manufacturers present the speed ratings in a different order, often write/rewrite/read.iso, img,..) without having to mount the file (or installing NERO).If anyone knows a trick, please tell:)(VLC does it, I know) I know this is not meant for a AV player......... @marai: Media Player Classic considers the image as a multimedia file like any other.


  1. Problem with Nero updating Few month back I downloaded Nero Burning ROM from the internet. As I had Nero installed so the new.

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  3. Nero ControlCenter. and search for new updates for your Nero products. Nero ControlCenter also al-lows you to define various settings regarding the online. 1.

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