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Some See Sharp publications are reprints of classical anarchist texts.

Others are by Bufe himself, mostly music instruction/reference works and atheist titles, including a critique of Alcoholics Anonymous and two pamphlets on ideas about a future anarchist or utopian society.

Verhoeven's films actively mock authority, so you'd be forgiven for rolling your eyes as the director of "Starship Troopers" compares his collaborative process to a "democracy," then jokingly suggest to one actress that she lower her shirt ("We don't have to insist on that! Feel free to step out to the lobby for this part of the film.

The fiction portion of "Tricked"—the part you really paid to see—fares much better.

Originally from Arizona, he was influenced by the anarchist magazine The Match! In the early 1980s, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to enroll in the music department at the University of California (Berkeley), from which he received a master's degree in January 1985.

He became a member of the anarchist Bound Together Bookstore Collective in San Francisco.

" poorly rewritten by Bufe to "shake his fist at all the young rapscallions who were throwing rocks at his perfect, beautiful philosophy." In the introduction to the second edition, Janet Biehl proposes that many of the tendencies within anarchism that Bufe criticizes stem from its individualist wing, inspired by the philosophy of Max Stirner, which she maintains is the source of "lifestyle anarchists" who are at odds with the ethical socialist tradition of anarchism.

"Tricked," an enjoyably soapy thriller, is for anyone who has wondered: Whatever happened to Paul Verhoeven?

In response, Feral Faun wrote an article called "The Bourgeois Roots of Anarcho-Syndicalism" in which he claims that the endorsement of work showed that anarcho-syndicalists "embrace the values essential to capitalism", only objecting to who is in charge.

Nobody can mistake his meaning; nobody can pontificate on what he "really meant" to say, and for this reason you should read this pamphlet.

launches heavy criticism against anarcho-primitivists, including Fredy Perlman and the Vancouver Five eco-terrorist group, as well as the publications Fifth Estate, Resistance, The Spark, and Open Road. ", Bufe advocates minimal use of violence in revolutionary political struggle, condemning the vanguardist "urban guerillas" of insurrectionary anarchism.

Its model is The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce.

Bufe has released a volume, The Devil's Dictionaries consisting of quotations by Bierce and himself.


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