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Company man Remco's family life is thrown into chaos when ex-lover/secretary Nadja (Sallie Harmsen) reveals at his birthday party that she's eight months pregnant.Her news is not that shocking: Remco (Peter Blok) is a renowned philanderer, an inarguable fact that his disaffected teenage children Lieke (Carolien Spoor) and Tobias (Robert de Hoog) are aware of.This part of the film is only interesting in that it doesn't reveal anything substantial about his personality or abilities.We see him smiling his way through suggestions and talking about how important it is to him to challenge himself creatively ("I personally trust that the unknown forces you to be creative").The Summer 2005 issue of Green Anarchy included an "update on workerist morality", in which they characterised "Listen, Anarchist!" as Sam Dolgoff's Relevance and Murray Bookchin's "Listen Marxist!He also made "Black Book," a perfectly grimy Dutch WW2 drama, back in 2006.

launches heavy criticism against anarcho-primitivists, including Fredy Perlman and the Vancouver Five eco-terrorist group, as well as the publications Fifth Estate, Resistance, The Spark, and Open Road. ", Bufe advocates minimal use of violence in revolutionary political struggle, condemning the vanguardist "urban guerillas" of insurrectionary anarchism.Its model is The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce.Bufe has released a volume, The Devil's Dictionaries consisting of quotations by Bierce and himself.The result is a light but satisfying appetizer, one that will, for better and worse, leave viewers hungry for more."Tricked" begins as a blatant advertisement for Paul Verhoeven, versatile filmmaker.One was "A Future Worth Living: Thoughts on Getting There" (1998), which reveals the influence of the German New Age commune ZEGG.Bufe returned to the utopian theme in Design Your Own Utopia (2004), co-authored by "Doctress Neutopia" (Libby Hubbard, from the ZEGG commune) which mostly consisted of a questionnaire addressed to would-be utopians."), and also on atheism, music theory and intentional community.Chaz Bufe is principally known as an anarchist publisher, distributor and occasional author." poorly rewritten by Bufe to "shake his fist at all the young rapscallions who were throwing rocks at his perfect, beautiful philosophy." In the introduction to the second edition, Janet Biehl proposes that many of the tendencies within anarchism that Bufe criticizes stem from its individualist wing, inspired by the philosophy of Max Stirner, which she maintains is the source of "lifestyle anarchists" who are at odds with the ethical socialist tradition of anarchism."Tricked," an enjoyably soapy thriller, is for anyone who has wondered: Whatever happened to Paul Verhoeven?


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