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The procedures below provided more description for the procedures described in Infodoc 206844.Caution – Correct operation of Solaris Live Upgrade requires that a limited set of patch revisions be installed for a particular OS version.Before installing or running Solaris Live Upgrade, you are required to install these patches.x86 only – If this set of patches is not installed, Solaris Live Upgrade fails and you might see the following error message.If you want to create a boot environment based on a boot environment other than the active boot environment, use quickly creates an empty boot environment.The slices are reserved for the file systems that are specified, but no file systems are copied.command enables reorganizing a disk if necessary, customizing file systems, and copying the critical file systems to the new boot environment.Before file systems are copied to the new boot environment, they can be customized so that critical file system directories are either merged into their parent directory or split from their parent directory.

But shareable file systems can be copied if needed.

You can create a boot environment with the existing swap slices and then edit the The new boot environment is created with swap moved to a different slice or device.

When creation of the new boot environment is complete, it can be upgraded and can be activated (made bootable).

For example, a single use of the Note – When creating file systems for a boot environment, the rules are identical to the rules for creating file systems for the Solaris OS.

Solaris Live Upgrade cannot prevent you from making invalid configurations on critical file systems.


  1. This book provides describes how to use Solaris Live Upgrade to create and upgrade new boot environments. causes an error message. # lucurr c0t0d0s0 # lucreate -c /dev/dsk/c1t1d1s1 -n newbe -m //dev/dsk/c1t1d1s1ufs ERROR current boot environment name is c0t0d0s0 cannot change name using -c c1t1d1s1.

  2. Apr 13, 2017. Chat/ Order allow,deny Allow from all /Location RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPUpgrade} =websocket NC RewriteRule /chat/. Error ENOENT no such file or directory, open '/tmp/ufs/naTNBxCzPkxCM8T55' errno -2, code 'ENOENT', syscall 'open', path '/tmp/ufs/naTNBxCzPkxCM8T55' }.

  3. Zpool create rpool mirror c0t1d0 c1t1d0. For information about the root pool requirements, see Oracle Solaris Installation and Live Upgrade Requirements for ZFS Support. Confirm that the zones from the UFS environment are.

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