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JACKIE CLARKE (writer, Happy Endings): I don’t think I can talk about my favorite Mc Manus memory, because it involves someone having cum on their pants, and no one would care about it but five people.But it was fun to see under-attractive improvisers making out in the booth next to you.

At the West 22nd Street theater, there was always — what’s the gas? — there was a nitrous room, a keg room, and a weed room.JAKE FOGELNEST (podcast host, The Fogelnest Files): We made that place millions of dollars.ROB CORDDRY (Childrens Hospital): I met my wife through one of my friends who improvised, and she was like, “This is a completely foreign world to me.” Her friends called Mc Manus get-togethers “funny-people parties.” They hated going to funny-people parties. ; Vulture contributor): You’re asking about my twenties, which is a Venn diagram of bad decisions and decisions made at Mc Manus. So you’d have all of the disappointing hook-ups and everything that goes with them.JAMIE DENBO (Ronna & Beverly): Offstage, I was not half the rock star I felt like I was onstage.I was not into the indie-music scene, so I automatically didn’t fit in with three-quarters of the people at the theater.There were people you'd watch onstage and think, “I am in love with them.” And then later, you’re like, “Ugh. ” CASEY WILSON (Happy Endings): Right off the bat, my first instinct after arriving at UCB was, “Look at all these guys who are comedy-hot.” I felt like I was in comedy-hot heaven.No.” CHARLIE TODD (founder, Improv Everywhere): I remember joining UCB and thinking, “Oh, this will be a cool way to meet people, and maybe meet some girls.” And I show up on day one of class, and it was thirteen dudes and two girls. TARA COPELAND (The Dictator): That’s the way it is: You can be a fugly dude who’s hilarious, and hot women want to sleep with you, but being funny as a woman does not make people want to sleep with you. Though the UCB originally started teaching at a former strip club on W.MATT WALSH: The keg room was the “Hot Chicks Room.” The weed room was probably the basement — people would go down there to get high.I don’t think we ever had a dedicated nitrous room.PAUL SCHEER (The League): There were a lot of couples at UCB, but there was a real sense of fear in it.You didn't want to shit where you eat, and there was a lot of secrecy about who was dating who.


  1. Nov 17, 2017. Let's be honest, love doesn't exist, couples suck, and Valentine's Day is bullshit. Join your host Carly Ann Filbin in taking down THAT annoying couple. She'll test real life couples to see if their partnership even means anything it doesn't. The couples with the least amount points will have to break-up.

  2. Do you offer summer Intensives? We offer intensive courses for Improv 101 and Improv 201 all year round. These courses are anywhere from one to two weeks long. Announcement of summer dates will begin in mid/late March.

  3. Mar 12, 2013. For all those times you've had an amazing night with a Berkeley sorority girl but kinda forgot some. okay, any of the details, there's now finally a Facebook page that helps re-jog your memory UC Berkeley Hook-Ups, where users write in anonymously in the hopes of reuniting with "Girl With The Face".

  4. Nov 28, 2017. No, it's not your typical date night with a movie or a dining experience; the couple host a line-up of stand-up comedians at UCB! How generous is that. This Thursday, November 30th join them as they do half-hour sets at UCB Franklin while their bud Joe Kwaczala does the hosting. It will be comedy magic!

  5. Jun 7, 2013. PAUL SCHEER The League There were a lot of couples at UCB, but there was a real sense of fear in it. You didn't want to shit where you eat, and there was a lot of secrecy about who was dating who. If you were dating someone, you'd be like "Okay, see you tomorrow," when you left the group. But you'd.

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