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His hands shaking slightly, he planted his palms on the shiny mahogany surface of his desk and said, "That's not necessary.I don't need a lawyer to talk to her.""But she's with the FBI," Dietrich said, the big man's deep voice pitched low as if he worried she would overhear him, although he stood close to Trent's desk and she was on the other side of the doors, at least. "Do you think I've done something that puts me in need of a lawyer?One night, she felt the gifted hands of a handsome lover ignite her body into the throes of ecstasy.Another night, she beheld a gleaming knife and heard screams for help.On one side of it were the double doors from which they'd entered. The butler or bodyguard—or whatever the young man was—held out a hand as if stopping traffic at the closed pocket doors at the end of the wide hall. Baines will only see the woman.""Agent Paulsen," Alaina supplied her name."No," Vonner protested."It's fine," she said.On the other, an elaborate double staircase with a cathedral-size stained-glass window on the landing. Her gun heavy on the holster on her belt, she wasn't afraid for her safety.

"Show her in.""She's not alone," the other man reminded him. Even if he hadn't had the call to warn him, he would have known she was coming. Trent Baines had to be the killer."He will see you."Startled, Alaina whirled away from the window and its fog-enshrouded view of the treetops.

Now an award winning, best-selling author of nearly fifty novels for Harlequin, Lisa is living the dream.

Lisa loves to hear from readers who can contact her on Facebook, through her website snail mail address PO Box 139, Marne, MI 49435. "Trent Baines spun his chair away from the window that looked out over the thickly wooded hillside, the trees the fresh green of new life, of spring.

Then she arched a brow, uncertain of Vonner's motives. In fact, she had been uneasy ever since Vonner had been assigned to the cold case with her. As she joined Trent Baines in his inner sanctum, the pocket doors slid shut, closing her inside, alone with him.

Did he not want her to get all the glory if they had, at last, found a genuine lead? The male agent acted more interested in her than the case. Despite what her partner believed, she knew Trent Baines could still be the killer.


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