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Tips dating polish woman

Wealth and things are great but, this should not be thing to show while dating the girls. Going out for bike rides and reading a book together will certainly make her happier than your absence or materials.When you are dating Polish girls, do not treat them like aliens. You should therefore introduce your girlfriend to your friends and not be ashamed of her.Mc Donald’s and KFC on every corner has made many Poles an unacceptable size.Overall though, Polish women are far more beautiful and thin than most girls in the West.This does not mean they are perfect but, your pride is enough to get rid of you.Not only American men are capable of showing off, this applies to every man who wants to date a nice lady from Poland. This is because all kinds of women expect men to be who they are; not what they want to become.If you are an American who is used to bragging or showing off, it is time to leave your prideful ways.

The other rule that you should never forget as a man is that, it is not about material things.There’s also a decent chunk of brunettes mixed in there.If you like redheads, you’ll have to look elsewhere.Your reaction when your friends are present will make a very strong statement.Therefore, be careful to treat her with respect and like a normal human being just like any other.Be simple and you will not miss to impress a good looking lady.Do not assume that Polish girls do not understand certain things.With my half Asian/dark skinned look, I’ve never been eye fucked more in my life than every time I’ve been in Poland.There’s a lot of blue eyes and a lot of blonde hair.Polish girls are a different breed and there are certain rules that you need to follow when you wish to date them.They are girls from Poland the land which plays host to these amazing women.


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