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I knew I had mentioned being shocked, but I didn't know I had gone into such detail. So I think most of my feelings were some kind of delusional self-esteem issue. I sometimes have dreams where people seem to not like me. He's on , the soap opera I've been watching since I was about ten.

Looking back, I'm thinking that there were people out there that were fond of me, and not just because they felt an obligation to love me.

Because of the incestuous relationships of his lineage & the boy king marrying his sister resulting 2 stillborn, so died his Dynasty. The walking stick belongs to Tutankhamun who was a frail Pharaoh because his family married within its own dynasty.

His wife was his sister & his only children were stillborn.

Maybe I'll start having to watch the show regularly again.

Lord Wiki says that Baby Thaao was born in Sydney, on 15 December 1945.

The new Tut wing would open early 2019 in Giza Egypt. He spent 6 yrs searching supported by sponsor Carnarvon & at the last moment discovered the greatest find in the Archaeological world.

I'm going to look at the Penghlis filmography on IMDb now. Although a lot of it is probably one time guest appearances. Remembering what a great history we have in the USA when people of ethics & culture roamed the land. My dinner guests for tomorrow night our Lauren & lovely daughter Milikate: Menu Rack of Lamb over pasta with truffles.Sit back & be entertained & remember why this country makes a difference. Dessert Greek cake Rivani w/ ice cream & passion fruit. I just didn't realize he was an Australian with Greek heritage. He's bad, then he's good, then he's bad; but then it ends up it wasn't him. That might have been Andre behind it all, not Tony. I feel I should write about Tony Di Mera, the same as I write about other soap opera characters....especially since I actually watch the show. I just don't understand the Tony Di Mera storyline. But I guess they're both played by Thaao, so it's okay. That was one of the dumbest soap opera storylines ever. Allison Sweeney does that let's-promote-eating-disorders reality TV show. Charles Shaughnessy played Shane Donovan, and he's one of the few actors who's had a very successful career outside of the soap opera. pic.twitter.com/VPKUddc QUr On the other side of the Mortuary Temple of the great Pharaoh Hatshepsut, female leader of Egypt’s Golden Age lies the Valley of the Kings where Tut is interred.I illegally climbed that ridge to witness that ancient world only to be chased and threatened by the secret police.pic.twitter.com/Q7DHE7OVHh @Thaao Penghlis A preview of the New Grand #Museum in #Giza, #Cairo #Egypt where over 5000 pieces of the Tut Collection will be housed along with his powerful father Akhenaten below.pic.twitter.com/Fb Jc PXh Dno From the Tutankhamun collection. 1000’s of yrs ago a culture thrived so that today we learn what greatness looks like. pic.twitter.com/o3J0FFBSd Q Howard Carter found this cup he realized a Pharaoh named Tut a king no one had heard of, his lineage eradicated from History.


  1. Thaao Penghlis was born and raised in Sydney, Australia to Greek parents. After high school, he moved to New York City, where he began studying with.

  2. Thaao Penghlis, Actor Days of Our Lives. Thaao Penghlis was born and raised in Sydney, Australia to Greek parents. After high school, he moved to New York City, where he began studying with the great acting coach, Milton Katselas.

  3. Thaao Penghlis Official Web Site Welcome to Thaao's Official web site. Home Contact Books News N Things General Information Turkey Places - The Book Contact

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