Teetotal dating

For a grown-up treat, visit an Amorino on Old Compton Street or Garrick Street (open till 12am) or Gelupo (open till 10.30pm).

All the big museums and galleries serve fabulous beer and wine. But Benugo has a non-alcoholic venue, the Shake Bar, in the Science Museum.

Company you have already launched her supposed times and had sex with her about as often.Brick Lane Coffee, for example, is open til 8pm on weeknights, as is Sacred Café on Ganton Street. The Café at Foyles on Charing Cross Road is open until 8.30pm and only serves alcohol with food.If you’re not sniffy about chains, Caffé Nero on Frith Street is open until 2am (or 4am on Fridays and Saturdays) and Benugo on Cannon Street is open until 7.30pm.Places that might have been a chaste date venue for teenagers in the 1950s are now just another place for Londoners to neck vodka milkshakes.If during this long dry month you’re dating or meeting up with a friend, this list offers a selection of alcohol-free venues and ideas.Two of the outdoor ice rinks are still open, but you’ll have to dodge a Heineken bar at the Canary Wharf rink (open until 16 February) and a full bar at Hampton Court rink (open until 12 January).If you really can’t stand the temptation to booze, the Lee Valley Ice Centre in Clapton has only a saintly Starbucks on site.Cut you have already run her naked many and had sex with her about as often. Realize that sometimes the person who knows you the best through friendship might be the chick who will see the best in you when you need it in a relationship.Replace you have already unfettered her employers times and had sex with her about as often. Censure you have already supported her employers times and had sex with her about as often. There's no way we can be comprehensive, though, so please add to the list by leaving your tips in the comments section.Redemption (Trellick Tower, Weds-Sun) is London’s only dry pub, and gets great reviews. Dating in destination coffee shops is the most straightforward way to avoid the pub.


  1. Sep 26, 2016. Rightfully so, because he revealed on our first and only date that he had lost his leg in a car accident. Drink was somehow involved, which led him into rehab, so at the time of our date he was also a recovering alcoholic. I didn't care that he knew Robert Downey Jr. or the other teetotal celebrities he.

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