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In middle school, having heartache seemed as basic as being disappointed in a relationship, that for all the hopes and expectations you had, the relationship could not measure up.It’s wishing that a relationship could go “Back to December” when the relationship was in a simpler stage, when you were “Enchanted” by the boy you were seeing and said “Mine” on the phone all the time.reports that Taylor has been secretly dating up-and-coming 26-year-old British actor Joe Alwyn.According to the British tabloid, the two have been seeing each other for months now, and Tay often goes out in wigs with her new beau to keep her identity under wraps - a sly AF but also probably entirely necessary move.That didn’t stop me from hoping for a love that was “Red” though, because it was high school, and I had yet to learn that the boys there would be trouble.It was senior year of high school in 2014 when Swift released “1989”, and I would say this is the album that I relate to the most.

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However, not many of the kids realize that they weren’t even “Fifteen” yet.

At that age, I don’t think that love with the opposite sex really registered for me yet, but I understood missing people in a different place, and I understood wondering if those people and the place missed me too.

Then the album dropped later in the year, and I had learned some things.

At this point, I kind of understood what heartache was.

At least, as much as any girl finishing middle school could.


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