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Sqldatasource updating

Visual Studio Express provides a free development tool that makes ASP.

Introduction Here is Part 1 Toolbox is very-very important building block of . To change its properties we have to select the control and make the properties changes from Properties window. For example Data Source Controls includes controls like Entity Data Source, Linq Data Source, Object Data Source, Site Map Data Source, Sql Data Source, Xml Data Source and Data Control includes recent all excluding pointer as listed below.

A design surface and hundreds of controls and components let you rapidly build sophisticated, powerful UI-driven sites with data access.It is also therefore possible, though not necessary, to create a new Command object to run the Select @@Identity query.The following code shows this in action where the Connection object is opened, then the first query is executed against cmd using Execute Non Query() to perfom the Insert, followed by changing the Command Text property of cmd to "Select @@Identity" and running that. Close() in all these examples: in all the snippets, the Connection object is instantiated within a 'using' block.The built-in functions @@Identity and Scope_Identity() are designed to retrieve the most recently added record's autoincrement identity value from Access and Sql Server respectively. The Jet 4.0 provider supports @@Identity, which means that developers no longer need to use Select Max(ID) or some other contrived method of obtaining new ID values.The key to @@Identity is that it returns the value of an autoincrement column that is generated . Oracle Client" MSDN上记载:如果更改 Provider Name 属性,会引发 的控件重新进行绑定。 2.3 执行四个SQL语句的Command及相应的Command Type ●Select Command、Insert Command、Update Command、Delete Command 以上四个属性都是String类型,可以提供SQL语句及存储过程名称。 如果是提供的存储过程,则需要把相应的Select Command Type, Insert Command Type, Update Command Type, Delete Command Type设定为"ASP. NET 2.0 introduced a number of new Web controls designed for accessing and modifying data.can i use your information to figure out the creation date of each record? You will probably find that's true of anyone else's personal web site too. I have created a strongly typed data set using the table adapter wizard and have created a function Add Co in a BLL. How do I call the Access Data Source1_Inserted sub? thank you sorry for the newbie questions in advance:1. if i have an asp page like Test1- which accesses a static class that calls your code (see #1)Will each different user web session get the correct primary key id value after the insert? When I used the Execute Scalar method, it is showing the wrong record number instead of currently inserted record auto number. Insert() method don't work and the the returned Identity value comes with help please ???(it is a simple, flat access file only providing text similar to a spreadsheet). Thanks in advance Thanks a lot for the information, it is great. I am using the Ole Db Command sample, but it is not inserting the row and im not getting any errors. in your first c sharp example against sql server... Hi Mike, your tutorial is still on top of Google results when searching for 'how to get back auto-incremented id'. One question: I prepare a tree structure of objects - records from a self-referring table - and then I want to commit all the records representing a new sub-tree to database in tree of already stored records (can be loaded partially).In order for this apporach to work, you must reference the im impressed, and i do not even know how to use this information. When you do, explain what you mean by "messing it up". As a rule, I don't answer questions on my site unless they are directly related to some aspect of the article that they are posted under. I have tried to implement the last VB soln for an access db. i am undergraduate who is doing my final year project i need some help on certain things for example cmd. string query = "INSERT INTO the Times (ID, User, Lieu Hours) VALUES (? If that doesn't help, you should post a question to the net forums. I have never commented before on this sort of thing - but I am really delighted to have learnt about the sort of thing tonight with so little pain!!somebody gave me an access file (v2003) and they removed the primary key. Execute Scalar()) If Not o Rs Is Nothing Then If Result @Lance I suggest you post a question to the forums at net. Also, it can take hours or days before I moderate a comment and publish it here. What should be "Access Data Source1 " after the handles statement. They are great for relatively simple sites, but once you take on more complex projects, you find that they have a numebr of shortcomings. Execute Scalar() what is it for, and where to use this and is there other stuff like this and where can i find them and how to use. When you do that, the resource that's instantiated within them is automatically closed and disposed of at the end of the block. You won't have to wait days for me to get round to managing this site. I am using MS Access Database one of my important table is having Composite Primary Key. Thanks, But I have a problem when following the steps while using the Sql Data Source, it's that it works only once and when trying to add second record the .


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