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Perhaps a dermatologist would be better suited in determining if the cause was an infectious skin condition such as ringworm or scaring alopecia, and an endocrinologist may be better at diagnosing hormone related hair loss.

The truth is, any doctor whether it is an endocrinologist, dermatologist, or general practitioner with a strong interest and knowledge in hair loss can make a proper diagnosis and work with you on the the treatment they think will produce the best results.

I get concerned when women have to bring a list of tests that should be ordered to their doctor.

My feeling is that if they don’t know what to order then how are they going to be able to accurately read the results. a good doctor is a good doctor, and if you have one that really cares and takes a strong interest in your hair loss with a willingness to work with you in finding the cause then great.

If possible try and speak with the doctor by phone (believe it or not some doctors will talk to you on the phone first) and if the rules of the office don’t permit this then try and ask as many questions to the receptionist, such as, does Dr. I firmly believe you should not be walking out with a bottle of Rogaine the first day of your appointment.

Dermatopathologists interpret tissue under the microscope (histopathology).

Pediatric dermatologists specialize in the diagnoses and treatment of skin disease in children.

Hair loss is not the same thing has having a blackhead removed from your back and requires more sensitivity and emotional understanding on the part of the physician. I’ve been to one Endocrinologist, probably 5 Dermatologists, and a Trichologist for my hair loss.

Ask a lot of questions and do your own research, even after receiving your “diagnosis.” Doctors are people and make mistakes too, this is your body and you have to be comfortable with the treatment. I agree that you will probably need more than one doctor to get to the bottom of the cause of your hair loss.


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