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Because the women describing horrifying experiences say they were hiding it from their families for years, scared for their lives or (in a less severe case) fearing “what people may think of her”. Of course, the stakes are levels higher in tales of love and marriage.So, when you are reading the accounts below, remember it’s only one side of the story.Yes, Russian girls are supposed to embark on the “project marriage” once they are able to legally enter nuptials.After the age of 25, if a girl is still single, she would be actively encouraged by family and friends to accept any offer of marriage to essentially “not stay alone for the rest of her life”. Guys are so arrogant as to tell girls on the first date that unless she invites him home today, he is not going to see her again, and “there are, you know, fewer men than women”, implying she should not be “too prudish” (or picky).The only things, which can happen in such marriages, according to Russian media: You may think this is crazy but those are the actual stories told and retold on local TV talk shows.Pretty women, who “miraculously escaped horrors” of marriage to a foreigner, describe in gruesome details the dreadful abuse and injustices they experienced in an overseas union.It’s a “man’s world” for single Russian girls over the age of 25.who list their profiles on Russian dating sites do not believe they will succeed in finding a partner. So, if you are talking to a Russian lady aged 25 , she has definitely been pointed out multiple times by “helpful” family and friends that her value on the dating market is plummeting with every year.

In fact, the whole narrative may be made up except for a few points.If you tell the same things over and over, people do start believing them. Phil shows, there are always all parties present in one room, or at least given an opportunity to provide a written statement of their position.The TV programs picturing abuse by foreign husbands are so shocking that my Russian girlfriends who live in Australia regularly get terrified phone calls from their mothers asking if “she is really OK” after seeing such shows. If the person knows they are here alone to provide a totally one-sided view that no one will oppose, indisputably they have an inclination to look good and make the other party look bad.He is courting beautifully and dating until he gets what he is after.And even after that he may continue communication with you as if you were the one and the only. In short, screwing with your brains, here he is a master indeed… He asks lots of correct questions about having a family and kids, which obviously predispose towards him… I was reading about different scams on dating sites but most talk about “Nigerian letters”, “presents with payment after delivery”, “sob stories asking to send money”, but there is less information about sex-tourists., the sincere interest from my side to this person and my desire to build a family took over.I decided to give him a chance, thinking that I should not transfer negative experiences of the past into the future.Probably, any FSU lady has some anecdotes about things that happen on online dating sites.(Stories are edited for the purpose of brevity.) I want to warn all girls about another Lovelace.They do it because they are genuinely running out of options. In fact, her biggest question is, “Why a decent, nice, successful man would even consider seeking a potential bride in Russia?” The mainstream local media gives a plain answer to that: To abuse her.


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