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And how come my antivirus programs didn’t stop it from getting into my computer?

Hackers take advantages of social networks and put a lot of viruses among numerous hacked web sites or programs.

And by threatening you that you may not in legal troubles, it requires fines from you to unlock your computer. The fact is, even if you don’t pay the requested amount of money in the limited time period, you will not be put into jail or submitted to court.

If it’s in fact a cyber scam, then where did I pick up this Interpol Virus Scam?

Can this Interpol Virus Scam trace keystrokes used to obtain bank balances by the infected user if the user logs on as a guest using the guest account on the infected computer?

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This kind of virus shares the common character, that is, to totally block you from accessing the computer in the names of authorities. It is believed to be created by hackers to collect as much money as possible from innocent PC users from all over the world.

By accusing you that you have violated the laws of the country through your online activities, it locks your computer. But there are still some people who don’t believe it’s indeed a scam because they are too afraid of getting legal troubles.


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