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Sedating dogs nail trimming

Ok, how about this: No animal likes the whole nail trimming process at first.

You have to do it regularly for them to even get used to the idea.

this allows you to gently tap the grinder against the toenails, which can be helpful if they're the type that constantly jerks their legs away.

you WILL come out of it covered in toenail-dust though.

Once you reach that spot, then you up the ante for her. Now in order to get a treat, the clippers have to be visible AND she has to let you hold her paw with your other hand, without her taking the paw away. Remember -- very short sessions, no more than 3 minutes in length, or 10 treats long.

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I realize not everyone is as interested in dog behavior and the psychology of training as I am, which is why I asked if you were interested in training her, especially since your thread title indicated you were looking at medication as a solution, not training.

It got to the point where 2 of us had to hld her while the vet trimmed her nails.

My dog is probably a good 40-45 pounds, so I don't know if the hangman thing would work. She'd need at least 2 people to do the holding, also. I wonder if she'd let me try and file down her nails? we give our dog a motion sickness pill, and it knocks her out for car rides.

Originally posted by rev_eng:we give our dog a motion sickness pill, and it knocks her out for car rides.

I didn't think motion sickness pills would make you drowsy, but it works on her. We generally just have the dog groomers take care of it.


  1. How to sedate my dog for grooming. What medication can I give my dog to sedate him for home grooming and nail trimming. Most dogs do not like to have their.

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