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The innovative unibody design makes for easy installation while simplifying the operation of multiple video and photo modes.The single camera button allows one-touch recording on the fly.Printre ele se numără Irinel Columbeanu şi Monica Gabor, Romică Ţociu, Simona Sensual, Sexy Brăileanca, Cătălin Botezatu şi Bianca Drăguşanu sau Loredana Chivu.În 2007, Irinel Columbeanu şi Monica Gabor au fost filmaţi în timpul unei partide de sex oral.Stay in touch with up to four of your companions, riding up to one mile 1.6 km (1 mile) away.Even if they aren’t using Sena gear, Universal Intercom™ technology allows the 10C to work seamlessly with other brands of Bluetooth headsets on the market.

The optional handlebar remote features a joystick controller, phone and reserve buttons that enable riders to easily adjust their helmet communication systems.

Michael Phelps swims into history winning his 7th gold medal at a single Olympics, tying Mark Spitz's record.

After a close race with Milorad Cavic dominating the first half of the 100m butterfly event, Phelps powers to victory and touches the wall first in Olympic record time of , only a hundredth of a second ahead of Cavic.

Voice prompts make learning and using all of the 10C’s features a snap!

Meanwhile, linking up your 10C with the Sena smartphone app (for Android or i Phone) allows you to configure device settings and access an interactive quick start guide.


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