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All this of course pays back into their business, as CSR should, and they benefit from building customer loyalty and creating a sustainable business overall.After enough sun, sand and culture in Damai, you are ready to leave the city. In addition to the city’s history, the museum traces the impact of felines on human history from the use of the word cat in the English language (think ‘catnap’, ‘catwalk’, etc) and the role of cats in various civilizations to the impact of felines on today’s pop culture.Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO, this park covers an area of 754 square kilometers around Mt. While climbing the mountain is quite a popular attraction with tourists, be warned that you need to be very physically fit to accomplish the seven-odd hour trek to the top.If you do muster the guts to take on the mountain and reach the top where you spend the night, your reward will be a tranquil sunrise when you wake up the next morning, as well as a certificate on your return to the bottom.An hour’s flight from Kuching, is the capital of Sabah.Kota Kinabalu, or KK as it is popularly known, is a growing resort destination which acts as a gateway to tropical islands, lush rainforest, and Mount Kinabalu.

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When leaving the park you can either go back to the city center and treat yourself to some incredible seafood at KK’s extended waterfront area, or if you are in a more intrepid mood, you could hop on a three-hour bus ride to the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center, which is the world’s largest orangutan sanctuary – offering visitors the chance to spend a few nights in thick rainforest and experience firsthand how life in the jungle feels.

The village also serves as the setting for the World Rainforest Music Festival held in July every year, an event that attracts music lovers and artists from all corners of the globe.

Do however make it a point to return to the main beach a half-hour before sundown as the sunset at Damai will leave you speechless, with the sun seemingly sinking in slow motion straight into the ocean!

On the contrary, the natural world is so diverse and vibrant that even a move from one state such as Sabah to another state such as Sarawak, will allow you a completely different experience.

My advice therefore to people traveling to Malaysia is that while focusing on Peninsular Malaysia, do take time out to head east, on the road less traveled and discover a spiritually uplifting natural world that will truly make your visit complete.


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