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Sagittarius man dating sagittarius woman

Quarrels in this family break out like a boxing match, and moreover, both fueling the fire in such a way that the quarrels often end almost in a fight. Then one of them will try to end a quarrel, fooling in a funny manner, playing antics: zodiac sign Sagittarius is very artistic.Such development can have two options: either they finally fight with each other, or both will settle into a circus, like a couple of clowns.

A union of Sagittarians, equal in roles will be another model for emulation, they will live interestingly, with fun, and not quarrel at all.

As said already, to achieve this, they need to find one common, exciting, interesting activity. Keys to make it work forever(eternal fire) and i mean this life and the next if u make it work thats the beauty of it, is to 1) always remember the other is just like u..literslly.if something is in question do what u would do cuz they well do the same in any sitution about 99% of the time. sags are brutly honest(when it comes to something important and real not bs and little white lies lol)we dont have time to lie or play games we always want and seek the truth so we expect the same from the other.

I'm a sag and my husband is a sag and when we first started dating it was awesome we never fought until we moved in together thrn things got rocky until we learn to compromise with each other and now we are happily married and i can honestly say this relationship is the best relationship ive ever had its like im married to myself lol. dragging it out or finding out later makes us very mad!

You know how most people are basically bowled over by your enthusiasm and skeptical that you are all hype?

This lady will understand that you’re two of a kind. Chances are you’ve both got plenty of money to spend, so why waste it on a pretentious evening of “fine dining” when you could hang out at the local pub and enjoy yourselves among friends.


  1. Want to know the love compatibility factor between Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman? Read how your relationship goes with your beloved.

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