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And, if you need to know about food colouring, preservatives etc, give me a shout.Cheers Mornay I am not really the 'Hi Guys' type, I am far too serious, but am working on it. I export fresh fruit (mainly apples, pears and grapes) to various countries around the world, but my main market is West Africa. I am a Nerd and run a business called Nerds Onsite.it wud b gud if we shared our details so for future refrences,we'd know who 2 contact. We are the largest local manufacturer of industrial, safety and security footwear. Well if you need oil and wanna drill for it in your back yard call me I work on a rig offshore in Angola.. LEKA I work on mainframe computers (the ones everyone thought would die 20 years ago!! (hence the reason I battle to upload pictures, etc.......... I have a Company setup, and will give any of our members a good discount on websites if they need it for their companies. We move freight , break bulk and containers , full n empties. (0314613558 / 0845959005 ) L-H p.s @mel g , i keep hearing abt something called a G-Spot that women supposed to have , is it like the lochness monster and the yeti or is a reality???Mit einem Paukenschlag meldet sich Oscar®-Preisträger Mel Gibson („Apocalypto“, „Braveheart“) nach 10 Jahren als Regisseur zurück: In spektakulären Bildern und mit hypnotisierender Wucht beweist er mit HACKSAW RIDGE – DIE ENTSCHEIDUNG aufs Neue seine Meisterschaft, atemberaubende Geschichten voller Intensität, Emotion und perfektem Timing zu erzählen.Andrew Garfield („The Amazing Spider-Man“, „Social Network“) brilliert in dem auf einer wahren Begebenheit beruhenden Epos als ungewöhnlicher Held und überzeugt durch sein eindringliches körperliches und zugleich sensibles Spiel.

My wife is a food technologist, so if ever you get the notion to by Woolworths branded potato crisps, my wife developed those flavours.Razeen, I is thinking you need to come here so we can use vodacom, here in Angola,so I can stop using this stuiped cell phone set up we have here,they call it...MOVIE CELL / UNITEL Come on RAZ help us here..........I work for IT outsourcing company called T-Systems.Part of the enterprise systems management team, working with a product called Tivoli from IBM.Well i taught secondary school for a short while, then got into a private higher education institution : REGENT Business School. Anyone wants to study from certificates to the MBA degree, give me a shout.I will help Family business - Manage a Brick yard manufactoring Cement bricks and Pavers and on weekends.We are the ones that checks the stats of the Base stations to see if it's performing well or not.Hi All, Small family business specialising in Industrial Automation(PLC and HMI systems) as well as process control instrumentation. *my mum has n stationery company (siza stationers) & she delivers in durbz & surrounding areas. where's all the mechanics,docters,accountants etc??? Last edited on Thu Jun 7th, 2007 am by salty well im studying but still well connected!


  1. Hey guys i noticed that a membersalty has an upholstery company n it got me thinkn. it wud b gud if we shared our details so for future refrences,we'd know who 2.


  3. Oscar Wilde on Gordon Brown. During Gordons promotion party. removed from the air waves with a Laser Guided Tactical Death Ray bomb Minister for.

  4. August 2001 “Like father, like son” Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901, the year in which the occupancy of the White House passed to.

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