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Randomaccessfile updating

To my knowledge, random Access file does not mean "inserting" characters, but it just overwrites, starting at the given position.In your case, if it reaches beyond the file end, it also appends.

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Especially if you don't want to install a database or configure it.A record is a chunk of data with a fixed size,f or example a byte array.So if you want to make a change in a record, you completely overwrite the old one with the new one. So to make changes, you don't need to read he whole file data (all records), modify the desired one and write back the whole file data (all records), which is done in a sequential way, but you can seek to the desired record position and only overwrite the data there, which is much, much faster. so "inserting" is not possible easily; if you want to insert, you must shift all records that are behind the inserted data, which takes a long time.On the other side, a server can write several megabytes of data in one second, so if your data size is less, it's better to read the whole data in, manipulate it and then write it back.Then you don't need to care about fixed sizes of your records (you can easily increase/decrease size), no need to care about too many gaps inside the data and reducing them by shifting records around etc.One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community. The usefound is taken from the "return file Pointer;" provided below.This search capability is working and appears to produce the proper filepointer. catch(IOException e) Step 1 D:\zlib\java2java Database Find 2382 64.29 55 "testz" "test2" "test 2" "test2" Schema for There are 5rows of data.Debasis Jana My rule of thumb with random access files is that there the wrong answer, no matter what the question was!Maybe you should elaborate your "experience", or else people don't understand how you achieved this opinion.Because of that, you usually only append new records to the end, or remember the gap of a deleted record and insert the new record there.My rule of thumb with random access files is that there the wrong answer, no matter what the question was!


  1. This text explains how to use Java IO's RandomAccessFile which enables you to access files at. Java IO RandomAccessFile. Last update 2014-11-15.

  2. Java RandomAccessFile can be used to read, write, and update files? In this post we're going to show how to use it to perform common operations on records.

  3. I've got a RandomAccessFile in Java where i manage some data. Simplified At the start of the file i have an index. 8 byte long value per dataset which represents the offset where the real data ca.

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