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Preminidumpcallback updating dump comment

s=98381c96512d0656fd0577a95229cac4&t=105219&page=180 I've never been a sourcemod fan. Brutal CS hasn't even been able to contact the devs in ages.

All of my servers were vanilla until a few months ago when I set up a couple 1v1 servers. I remember him saying, I think on reddit, that one day they just stopped talking to him.

Pre Minidump Callback: updating dump comment Uploading dump (in-process) [proxy ''] /tmp/dumps/crash_20120220195706_1success = yes response: Crash ID=bp-85624e95-6299-472b-8b3f-e2aaa2120220 multi-parent appears to cause this problem!

" country="Finland" ipaddress="" anchor="/f/gmodaddon/jitu/Advanced-Duplicator-2/8/#postcmzok" posted="1329759203" postnumber="220" postid="1092138" forumid="36" edittime="0" editinfo="" userid="44014" username="Sweet One" threadid="114106" posts="0" threads="0" joindate="" userurl="/u/fjby/Sweet One/" avatar="" avatarstyle="" usersearchurl="/search/user/fjby/" userclass="username" leveltitle="LVL1 - 0% to LVL2" levelclass="level-1" level="1"I got exessive sizelevel for element when i pasted a parented car and drive it, i also went through a floor. Also when i tryed to unfroze my car after pasting it.

It's just noticing that something is going very wrong (as it said) and takes action.

In this specific case the watchdog assumes that the server is frozen indefinitely (because some time has passed and it cannot know for sure). It's just noticing that something is going very wrong (as it said) and takes action.

Actually, after a little research (trial & error), the problem is sourcemod related, especially a plugin called "weapon_restrict.smx" , check the issue here https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?

s=98381c96512d0656fd0577a95229cac4&t=105219&page=180 Do you know what it is about csgo that causes (caused? I don't know if the issue ever got fixed, but my vanilla servers were crashing every few minutes and I've just kept nowatchdog in the command line out of laziness.

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So I don't see how a second-third party problem is related to this mailing list.

I have my suspicions it might be adv dup 2 causing the crashes.[/QUOTE] Alright cool.

I added you on Steam and I hope that we can solve the problem then. I've got a spare one - PM me if you want it.[/QUOTE] Yes I do. used the tool easy_precision on models/props_phx/misc/iron_beam2[Adv Dupe2Notify] Finished Pasting!

I wonder why this keeps happening: [IMG] Ra Gl.jpg[/IMG] I try duping my plane chassis but one of the 4 ropes is always in regular rope form and nonrigid, redoing the ropes won't help either.

I wonder if I have to combine the props all over again due to this. If anyone else has this problem, I'll be glad to help with it.[QUOTE=-TB-;34714521]Yes, it would be possible, but garry doesn't seem to be giving beta keys to people that actually need them.


  1. PreMinidumpCallback updating dump comment crash_20150228203440_1.dmp22888 Uploading dump out-of-process /tmp/dumps/crash_20150228203440_1

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