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If a bank has a policy of NOT accepting post-dated checks before the post-date, and the recipient tries to cash the check at a teller, the teller can easily say no. The reader can't always read all handwriting, and I would imagine it would be bad UX to refuse the check because it couldn't read the date.

The sweeping language in , though, I wonder, whether a distinction could be made between a situation where the check-writer genuinely expects to have the money to cover the check on the date he assigns, and a situation where the check-writer knows full well that he will not have the money to cover the check on that date. There may be an argument that in the latter type of case, the check-writer does “know[] at the time of the making” that he doesn’t have, and won’t have, sufficient funds to cover the check. knowing at the time he did not have sufficient funds.”).

If you are the victim of passing a worthless bank check, contact the State Attorney for the judicial circuit in which the check was accepted and they will assist you in the recovery process.

If you are the victim of a worthless check but the State Attorney cannot pursue the matter by prosecuting the crime, filing a civil suit in small claims court may be your best option.

No specific country, I'm interested in hearing how ANY country's bank handles this.

An ATM deposit, and since most ATMs will not scan or OCR the check, is subject to verification with regards to the date, amount, payee name and proper endorsements.


  1. The two answers already given are the obvious ones, but there is a possible third option. A post dated cheque can be used to pay an account if the recipient is prepared to wait until the forward date arrives before presenting the cheque to the bank. That would depend on the trust between the parties, but it can apply to settle.

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