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Pierce brosnan dating history

He was also romantically involved with Brenda Starr, Denice Pierce Brendan has got 5 children from different women.

he has got 4 sons and one daughter who is the eldest of all named Charlotte Brosnan, who is already married.

But in his younger days, he used to an average body but was considered to be very sexy, especially for his shirtless roles.

A humble businessman with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism.

Then he realized his passion for acting and entered into Drama Centre London, as an actor.

Pierce Brendan'ss dating list looks like a pretty large one, with many known names in it, although he is now married to his wife Keely Shaye Smith, since 2001.

“In terms of plot, the film is rather feeble,” admitted Reel Views’ James Berardinelli.

“But sometimes there’s more to a movie than story, and this is one of those rare occasions when all the other elements pull together and lift the production.” Watch Trailer , director Susanne Bier’s gorgeous, souffle-light romance about the beautifully shot sparks that fly when an English widower living in Denmark (Brosnan) crosses paths with a jilted hairdresser (Trine Dyrholm).

Starring as a former PM whose potentially duplicitous deeds threaten to come to light during the writing of his memoirs — possibly threatening the life of his ghostwriter (Ewan Mc Gregor) — he was clearly having a good time, and that light touch helps keep ‘s tension from becoming overbearing.Pierce Brendan Brosnan is an Irish actor, a producer as well as an environmentalist; born on the 16th of May, 1953 in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland as the only son of a carpenter father Thomas Brosnan and mother May Brosnan; a housewife.Pierce Brendan was brought up in a family of Roman Catholic and sent to study in a school run by Christians and he was the altar boy.Johnson’s desperate need to fit in with white society drives him to ill-advised actions — and although they benefit Brosnan’s character greatly in the short run, Johnson tragically fails to understand that his social status will always leave him vulnerable to the whims of others.While many critics accused Beresford of taking the same unaccountably light hand with , the majority felt that the end justified the means; as Chris Hicks argued for the Deseret News, “We care about Mister Johnson even while he’s annoying.Like most Bond flicks, it was a sizable hit, but it also struck a chord with critics, most of whom pointed to Brosnan’s performance as a key component of ‘s success.Calling him “Lean, dark and graceful,” TV Guide’s Maitland Mc Donagh wrote, “Brosnan wraps his perfectly calculated accent around all the standard phrases without making us hear quotation marks.” Watch Trailer , director Bruce Beresford returned to matters of race, taking viewers to West Africa in the 1920s to tell the story of the titular clerk (Maynard Eziashi) of a British administrator (Brosnan).The two of them began dating since 1994 and dated long enough to realize that they were bound to live together.Apart from Keely, Pierce also dated actress Kathryn Kinley (1993/ 1994) and Julianne Phillips (1992/ 1993), for a year each.His son Chris and Sean were born from his other relationships whereas Dylan and Paris were born after his marriage with Keely.There are not many controversies surrounding Pierce Brendan and the one which said he was not ready to play the James Bond role, is not a controversy anymore because he has already played the role and has explained this rumor to be true as well.


  1. See opinions and rankings about Pierce Brosnan across various lists and topics. Pierce Brendan Brosnan, is an Irish-American actor, film producer and list includes some of the biggest names in movie history, and each actor or.

  2. Pierce Brosnan's bio is filled with the details of his personal and professional career. You can also get to know more about the actor's wife,movies,net worth, rumors, relationship, and more in the very bio of his!Facts of Pierce Brosnan. Date of Birth

  3. Pierce Brosnan is an Irish-born actor best known for his portrayal of James Bond in four films from 1995 to 2002 as well for his role as the title character in the series Remington Steele. He also was the husband of the late actress Cassandra Harris and also is the father of actor Sean Brosnan.

  4. Pierce Brosnan, who was born and raised in Ireland, was dealt both a good and a bad hand. Although he's a Hollywood A-lister, his life has been marred by tragedy, grief and career chaos.

  5. It’ll go down in the history books as one of the crazier things people have done. It’s difficult not to be charmed by Pierce Brosnan. Charm is pretty much his trademark shtick, and it’s what carried him over five seasons ofThe Foreigner is released in US cinemas on 13 October and in the UK at a later date.

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