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Photographs dating back

The process for these pictures was done by using a plate, made of copper and using silver iodide to expose the picture, along with exposure to light.Tin type pictures were introduced in 1853, and became extremely popular.

“I’m really excited to start and I feel like it’ll be a really cool thing for me to focus on for a few years.” After falling in love with the city during visits to support his mother, Victoria Beckham, during New York Fashion Week, Beckham says he “always” knew he wanted to make it his home base.When it comes to introducing a girl to his parents (Beckham was most recently linked to You Tube star Madison Beer), he says his mom can be a little tougher.Though, “[She’s] always said she’ll like any girl that I bring back, or anyone like a mate …There are pictures that used daguerreotype, glass plate, cabinet card, and the thickness of the cabinet card can also tell the age of the picture.Looking at a picture and dating it, takes noticing all of the clues possible.“I love shooting the family – of course it’s always going to be a much more intimate shot when you know your subject so well,” says Beckham.“I love taking photos of all of my family but Harper is really cute to photograph, and my brother Romeo because of his shaved head.Each of these different types of processes were used for many photographs, and just knowing which type of paper, glass or metal was used can give a range of years when they were the popular choice for photographers to use.The material along with, fashions, backgrounds and even photographers names can all indicate when the picture was taken.One of the things that can provide clues is the hair styles of the women in the picture, because just like today they changed hair styles.While their hair would not be short, the type of bun, bangs or no bangs can provide hints to the age of the photograph.


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