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With the first direct trading contact with European traders in 1471, North African routes of trade began to diminish in importance and the gold route began moving south to the Atlantic coast.With the trade in gold and other commodities underway, other European countries began coming to the coast and establishing trading posts, forts, and even castles to solidify their positions and relations within the region.Although a great number of Ghanaians and Ghanaian immigrants to the United States belong to these main groups, there are some who have different cultural practices.The early history of the land which is today known as Ghana consists of migrations of peoples who lived as fishers and hunters.In doing so, they also led a series of successful conquests of the coastal peoples to further secure their power.By the early nineteenth century, however, the slave trade was losing strength and by 1814, the British, Dutch, and Danes had outlawed it altogether.The major ethnic groups of Ghana are the Akan, Ewe, Guan, Mole-Dagbane, and Ga-Adangbe.

Divisions and long-standing resentment between the northern and southern peoples led to political unrest and riots in larger towns.

Feeling that all-African control of the government would lead to a more just political and economic situation between laborers of different ethnicity and class, prominent Ghanaians and British colonial officials began to draw up plans for an all-Ghanaian legislative assembly which would be, for the most part, organized and run by the Ghanaians.

While this plan was slowly developing, impatience and doubt began to grow.

The leftist politician Kwame Nkrumah sought to exploit this situation and led his Convention People's Party (CCP) into power.

Through popular support and loud demands for Ghanaian autonomy the CCP led their campaign for self-government with strikes and other forms of mass persuasion.


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