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Online dating and matchmaking industry

Now more than ever before is it acceptable to use a professional matchmaker. More and more people looking for a long term relationship are turning to personal matchmakers for confidential, safe and secure services, while online dating sites have seen subscriber-growth rates ebb in recent years.

The Matchmaking industry is skyrocketing in growth and profitability, even when the global economy is bad because: - Singles are always looking for love.

- News stories about the matchmaking industry and matchmakers are very popular.

Free dating platforms currently serve as the go-to place to get a date and start a relationship. This longstanding dating site is renowned for its personality-driven matchmaking tools.It also requires the least amount of effort and embarrassment.Dating apps, both new and old, can no longer survive without the swipe left/right mechanic.Once upon a time, local matchmakers held powerful sway over the lives of single men and women.From the promnestria of Ancient Greece to the cihuatlanque under Aztec law, families relied on the sound judgment of an experienced woman to pair up happy and prosperous couples.And with record numbers of singles turning to the Internet to find love, friendships and hookups, it shows no signs of slowing down.Led by Millennials, the dating industry has morphed from a socially strange concept to almost universally accepted in just a few years. Here are three trends that are almost certainly going to continue shaping the industry.- There are more and more singles that hit adulthood everyday and the divorce rate, at 50-60%, is higher than ever before.- Matchmaking is receiving more exposure and growing in popularity.The problem with this trend is that it's based almost solely on physical attraction from the outset – few take note of written profiles.Of course, attraction is hugely important; however, it's not enough to lay the foundations of a real relationship.


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