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Older girl dating younger Free picture sex dating

I just turned 18 and I can't wait to meet new people!!!! I really like watching tv and just hanging out with friends, but I also love a crazy night on the town.

(This is not explicitly stated, but it is premise of large swaths of the essay.) What is missing in this analysis is that not only do men desire young beautiful women, but that women exhibit hypergamy – the desire to pair with high status males (particularly those who are higher status than the women).

Similarly, evolutionary psychology would claim that women who looked considerably younger at that time would produce the most children.

Since men a have taste for younger looking women (and that taste is probably supported by natural selection), the claim that the desire to have a non challenging partner is the real reason for men’s preference is clearly mistaken.

If older men refrained from such relationships, this would benefit the younger women, because “young women come of age surrounded by reminders that they are at their most desirable when they are still at their most uncertain and insecure.” If women are most desirable at this age, it is not clear we should deprive them of this knowledge.

Moreover, if they desire high status men, then depriving these women of these relationships would not help them, but harm them (by their own lights at least). Having older men refrain from these relationships would also benefit men, because it deprives young men of relationships with women their age (and therefore causes the men to grow up too slowly).


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