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New york temporary girlfriend online dating

she decided to pursue a career in medicine and enrolled in the Chicago School of Medicine in 1995.

There she met Ron Lieberman, a student a year behind her from Los Angeles, and began dating him.

Due to the proximity of the World Trade Center and her medical training, her family believes she perished trying to help victims of the following day's terrorist attacks. The first by Ron Lieberman, her husband, and private investigator Ken Gallant, a former FBI agent, initially presumed her disappearance and possible death were unrelated to the attacks but later concluded it was the most likely outcome.

A later investigation by New York City police delved into her life leading up to September 11 and found details of a double life, a history of marital problems, possible affairs with other women, job difficulties and alcohol and drug abuse by Philip, as well as a pending criminal charge against her, in the months before her disappearance.

Since police detectives initially seemed to be unhelpful to Lieberman and assumed that Philip had died with the other victims, he hired Gallant, who found two pieces of evidence suggesting that she may have returned to the apartment building early on the morning of September 11.

The first was the call from the home phone to Lieberman's cell; the second was some videotape from the security cameras in the lobby.

The two shared creative interests outside of their intended career—he was a musician and she was interested in painting.

Lieberman gave his bride a minnu, a traditional Malayali Christian wedding pendant shaped like a gold teardrop with a diamond set in it. On the day she disappeared, Philip was off from work.They moved to New York City where they had both gained internships.Lieberman was at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, while she did hers at Cabrini Medical Center, closer to their small apartment in the East Village.He believed she had stayed out late or all night, as she had been doing, and resolved to remind her the next time he saw her to call him under those circumstances.He went to bed as he had to get up early the next morning for work.Citing the evidence from the police report, a Surrogate's Court judge had denied her family's petition to have her declared a victim of the attacks, suggesting it was equally possible she may have intentionally disappeared or been murdered by someone she met on her frequent nights out.However, on January 31, 2008, a New York State appeals court overturned a lower-court ruling and declared that she had been a victim of the attacks, officially making her the 2,751st victim of the Twin Towers' collapse.Afterwards she bought three pairs of shoes at an annex to the store.Ron Lieberman returned to the couple's apartment after midnight that night and noticed Philip was not there.Since the window had been left open, dust from the towers had accumulated throughout.There were tracks in it from the couple's two kittens, but none from any human.


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