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Douthat calls the [T]his is a case study in exactly the problem establishment editors are trying to address by widening their pool of writers: the inability of contemporary liberalism to see itself from the outside, as it looks to the many people who for some reason, class or religion or historical experience, are not fully indoctrinated into its increasingly incoherent mix of orthodoxies. Here is what “intact dilation and extraction” — a late-term form of abortion often called “partial birth abortion” — looks like in its final stage: Believing that this is not infanticide is extreme, but that’s a matter of opinion.[Emphasis mine — RD] By this I mean that my pro-choice friends endorsing Williamson’s sacking can’t see that his extremism is mirrored in their own, in a system of supposedly “moderate” thought that is often blind to the public’s actual opinions on these issues, that lionizes advocates for abortion at any stage of pregnancy, that hands philosophers who favor forms of euthanasia and infanticide prestigious chairs at major universities, that is at best mildly troubled by the quietus of the depressed and disabled in Belgium or the near-eradication of Down syndrome in Iceland or the gendercide that abortion brought to Asia, that increasingly accepts unblinking a world where human beings can be commodified and vivisected so long as they’re in embryonic form. Believing that this should be legal is extreme — and I can document that.

Calvarium — the head — is basically the biggest part.” Congress investigated whether or not these clinics were guilty of illegally trafficking in fetal body parts, but recommended no charges — but the Justice Department is now reportedly investigating the same thing.

I if they knew I was posting this on your site, they would kick me out.

Professionally, I tend to work with leftist organizations, and if they knew I was posting this on your site, they would probably never work with me again, which would mean professional and financial ruin.

Here is Father David reading the traditional Paschal sermon of St. The food above is the view from my table at the breaking of the Lenten fast after the liturgy. Veuve Clicquot, ham, egg casserole, sausage — really, a feast for this meat-deprived sinner.

John Chrysostom, which is read in all Orthodox churches in the Paschal celebration: It is an odd but wonderful thing to travel places and meet people who feel like old friends. ‘s Christine Emba offers a take on Patrick Deneen’s Why Liberalism Failed that I haven’t seen anywhere else.


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  4. It's a common recommendation these days see Rod Dreher's best-selling “The Benedict Option” for a reactionary take, and the burgeoning interest in. well due to the client having submitted bad data to us I disagreed, vehemently, with a young, relatively new coworker a woman over the best course of action for us.

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