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Commissioning and qualification of the facility and associated equipment was satisfactorily completed including 3 Nissei injection molding machines, a Motan material drying and delivery system, thermolators, hot runner temperature controllers, compressed air system, chilled water system, HVAC and 2 coordinate measuring machines (CMM).Each system was qualified separately, with the exception of the mold machines and thermolators, which were qualified in groups of 1 mold machine and 2 thermolators since the thermolators are dedicated to their associated mold machine.To learn more about our validation processes, plastic injection molding, or any of our other services, please contact us today.Mold Qualification Tech Mold’s in-house mold qualification and process validation facility – Tech Mold East – means that our OEM customers get the production-ready molds they require to meet fast production start-up and time-to-market schedules.Customer qualification requirements are reviewed with Tech Mold’s engineering and molding technicians prior to mold sampling.

Simultaneously we worked to develop and refine a program that could be implemented for each future mold and inspection program.

At Tech Mold, we don’t just stop with the mold build.

We can design and develop Integrated Manufacturing Systems, working collaboratively with the top suppliers in the injection molding and automation industries.

Tech Mold offers Automated Manufacturing Cell Development & Validation, which is then shipped to your molding facility, optimized and production ready.

Short-Run Production Tech Mold offers short-run production services in order to allow customers to meet requirements for automation, assembly, and preliminary production needs upon completion of the qualification and validation processes.


  1. Carlson offers mold sampling process simulation during the mold design phase to identify potential problems and develop solutions for our customers. The service can assist with important design decisions by quantifying the interplay between gating, shear heating, melt flow patterns, gas traps, unusual shrinkage, weld.

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