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I'd have thought it would only be men (and women) who are serious about meeting someone.. What married guy is going to spend 400 quid to get a company to set him up on dates with girls looking to get serious anyway?Hi guys, my name is Rena and I am a Director of Intro Matchmaking."When I started out I had no idea how to build a website or graphics or anything like that so I self-taught myself online." To attend a Table for Six event it costs €50 per ticket which does not include food and drink on the night. More information can be found on Downing Some of you will already know who Guy Verhofstadt is.Most of the rest of us will know a lot more about him over the coming six months, as he could well become an important figure in deciding...However, with the sheer variety of online dating sites available to Irish singles it can be hard to choose the right one.Therefore, we have decided to share our experience, and that of other users, on our Top 10 comparison site so that anyone can find the online dating site perfect for them.The service matches six single women or men (and also caters for LGBT groups) who dine together, having been matched by Mairead herself.Similar services are in operation in cities such LA and San Francisco.

Read More UL’s Kemmy Business School (KBS) has received a 'recognition for excellence' award from the UN for its Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report. Read More Approximately 600 children from across Limerick attended the sixth annual Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH) hosted by medical students from University of Limerick's Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS). Read More Dear friends, for me, universities are all about their people.So, the stories in this edition of UL Links put our people first – our community, our academics and most of all, our students and our graduates. Read More More than 400 University of Limerick students were honoured at the 7th annual President’s Volunteer Award (PVA) ceremony held in the University Concert Hall.Or should I try a free site first and see how it goes? Two friends of mine tried it for a while and another used to work for the company, and based on their experiences I wouldn't really recommend it.I've never tried internet dating before.thanks Seablue To be honest I think married men probably wouldn't go to the 'hassle' of this, when they can go on any other site that's free and less hassle. They interview their clients (and reject some of them) so I woudn't have thought married blokes going on it would be an issue."I left a successful job working full time in event management and it is all self-funded as there aren't many grants in this area.But the 'business of love' is a big area at the moment, and it's a lovely area to be in.Unlock your career potential with a postgraduate degree.100 courses are available across four faculties, so you can specialise in the area which inspires you the most, and discover your own ' Unique Language' for your career....If you dine with someone you would like to see again but are too shy to say so on the night Mairead will help connect you in the follow up to the date night.Taking the plunge to setup on her own, running the company full-time, was a risk but one that seems to be paying off.


  1. University of Limerick UL offers a range of courses and programmes up to doctorate and postdoctorate levels in the disciplines of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Education and Health Sciences, Science and Engineering.

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