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Largest christian dating site online dating for married couples

I visited her again a year later, and asked her to marry me January 27th, 2018.We are currently planning our wedding and will provide an update. "Good day❤ yes I'm very proud to tell you and to anybody that when I joined the cdff last year I meet someone I know that our age gap is very different but I believed that age doesn't matter when it comes to true Love I meet this guy August 25 2017 I talk to him everyday a lot of struggles because my time and his time not the same..I stayed for approx 3 weeks, getting to know more about her.I travelled to Peru several times afterwards and then on the 3rd trip I proposed to Johanna in July 2016. The moral of the story for friendship and possible relationship growth is to consistently pray about it.God Bless all the member's of cdff and the admins of cdff Thank you so much❤❤❤" Hello. Honestly I am not used to sign up with this kind of activity.But last year, February 14, 2016 I was having my montly break at work and I was trying to download a certain application till i saw this site. I decided to send you our story because i wanted to inspire those who have been looking for there partner in life.It caught my attention because of those feedbacks and good ratings. The day he surprised me together with my family, as he did WEDDING PROPOSAL.! I have no hesitations at all coz i loved him very much. I hope and i pray that you will be able to find your love as simple as what happened to me and my Louis. Forever i will be thankful for this beautiful gift i had from the Lord through this site.It brought me so much curriosity since i saw this is a Christian site. And my day was really incomplete if i cant see him or even not hearing his voice. After that visit, he still did his promise about december's visitation.

It happened couple of times, and we started chatting.

Which i really dont have an idea if they are sincere or not. He asked so many questions but one of those questions that simply overwhelmed me. I've been praying for a Godly relationship and for someone who's main concern is to honour the Lord. Until he admitted his feelings for me which at first i cant believe but I was really happy. ( Which i was really afraid if they will understand me).

Till I was about to leave the group and simply deactivate my account from this site. And who will help me to serve Him for the rest of our lives. Though i was sad too coz i dont know if i can handle a long distance relationship.

We shared thoughts, subject feelings and general Godly encouragements for a few years.

Looking back; although we desired to meet one another during this period, we weren't spiritually mature in embarking the full blessing that God had intended.


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