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Because the Vision Camera lacks audio input, a microphone must also be connected to the computer for voice chat and audio recording.Drivers are not included with the Vision Camera but can be downloaded automatically by Windows when prompted.The camera uses a standard USB 2.0 connection and is also Windows (XP and newer) and Mac OS X (v10.4.9 and newer) compatible.The Xbox Live Vision Camera was announced at E3 2006 and released in North America on September 19, 2006, following a 1-month pre-launch period in which Toys "R" Us stores in New York City and Los Angeles sold them to build up hype.Infrared light waves bouncing off of people and objects in the room are captured and processed by software that recognizes movements and allows users movements to control games through an onscreen avatar (Kinect ref). New issues in terms of the software recognizing users in seated positions (as it is programmed to recognize relationships between joints in standing) and also whether the use of gait aids or someone else providing standing support to the user interferes with sensor recognition do exist.However, the next generation of the Kinect sensor will include an expanded field of view and enhanced motion tracking, allow for six people to play simultaneously, and read users heart rates.Clinicians play an integral role in VR-based therapy (Levac and Galvin, 2012).Use of the VR as a tool requires skills such as a good understanding of the software and hardware, the different games, and the ability to problem-solve to match games to the therapeutic goal, adding therapeutic adaptations as required.

Currently there is scant evidence about the Kinect in the rehabilitation literature.

Sin & Lee (2013) also compared the effect of Kinect plus conventional OT to conventional OT alone in stroke rehabilitation on outcomes of upper extremity function, finding significant improvements after training.

However, they were not able to conclude whether this was due to a Kinect effect, or the fact that this group received more therapy overall.

It was released in Europe and Asia on October 6, 2006, and November 2, 2006 in Japan.

Using its USB 2.0 connection, the Vision Camera is compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2).


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