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Just dating on valentines day

My one and only friend who I ultimately consider family is dating. We spent a lot of our 16-20 years together, almost every weekend.

When 20 came, I was pregnant again with the twins, and she fell into heroin. She stays to herself to avoid the drama of old friendships, lives alone with her son, and doesn't go out really at all.

I was so happy for her because she was really needing male attention and, to get out. I know the guy, he was my old tattoo artist, he's about 7 years older than her, no kids, has his own everything and he's a absolute gentlemen. He is a good influence on her, him being such a gentlemen is so good for her self esteem and to show her that even after a horrible addiction, there are still good people so I am more than happy for her and him -her mood has changed drastically through being with him and it's all for the better.

I got a text from her today which was a screenshot of a conversation between him and the guy.

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Your worst fear has come to life—you’ve only been dating a guy for a few months…

I just label the container & put it where I can find it.

It's the kind that usually is for sale for holidays & contains 3 kinds of popcorn.

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