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Destined for one another from the start, here is Jilliam's star-crossed romance from the beginning of the Murdoch Mysteries (2008) through to the current season: During Season 1 William and Julia are clearly interested in each other. In Season 2 , they begin courting, and in The Green Muse their relationship heads to the next level as they engage in a steamy, late night make-out in the park, under the influence of absinthe, and perhaps they might have gone even further if Julia had not asked William a pertinent question about protection.

However, in the next episode Shades of Grey, the devout Catholic Murdoch learns that Julia accidentally became pregnant while at university and had an abortion.

In the premiere episode of Season 6 , Murdoch Air, Julia and William are once again a committed couple after two difficult years.

At the end of the episode, Julia happily acknowledges to William that "We can marry! As Julia and William begin courting again, Julia continues to try to win her divorce from Darcy, who had initially agreed to an amicable one, but then, in The Ghost of Queen's Park Darcy changes his mind after a social night out with Julia but she makes it clear that she is no longer interested in him.

Yet, both William and Julia have difficulty not remembering or fantasizing about one another while working together in Convalescence, Murdoch.com, Let Us Ask the Maiden, and Werewolves though they remain apart, until the end of the season finale Anything You Can Do... Season 3 is a happier one for Julia and William, and they have lots of great moments during the season, such as when Murdoch returns from England in The Murdoch Identity and their kiss in Victor, Victorian.

Knowing William and Julia, things can't stay perfect forever and in the Season 3 finale The Tesla Effect, Julia decides to move to Buffalo, New York to work at a children's hospital.

It is revealed that her abortion left her sterile, and William wants a family, and she can't give him the family he wants.

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After some friction caused by the unpredictable emotional responses from the new mother-to-be, William and Julia embrace their naming of the child, Mary (after William’s mother) if a girl and if a boy, Daniel (ep.1114). Though their relationship steadily strengthens though Season 1, they do not begin courting until Season 2.Julia appears in six episodes in this season, one of them being Murdoch in Toyland where William saves her from being buried alive by their (unknown at the time) nemesis James Gillies.Scattered through Season 5 are clues that Julia's marriage to Darcy is crumbling.After solving two cases, he surprises Julia with the model of their future house that he plans to build for her.At the end of Pipe Dreamzzz despite the darker side of opium, Julia admits, she enjoyed their little experiment.The William-Julia relationship, often referred to by MM fans as Jilliam or Willia and more recently Julliam, is the 'will they or won't they' relationship between the main characters William Murdoch and Julia Ogden.Hélène Joy, who portrays Julia, has referred to their nickname in interviews.William does not attend the wedding, though Julia does learn of the marriage proposal he intended to make.The relationship between William and Julia does not develop during Season 5 because Julia is married to Darcy, even though their marriage is not going well.When Keerthi Mohan of IBT asked Hélène Joy, "One question most Murdoch (Jilliam) fans have is why the kissing scenes of Julia and William are always abruptly interrupted?" Joy replied, "We love to keep the audience wanting more. " A Love for the Ages: "There are many great love stories throughout history, and more in literature, film and television.


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