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James may dating sarah frater 11 13 year olds dating

It wasn't until after we graduated that we started dating. My name is Kailin (O’Connell) Macak ’09, and I married my freshman orientation leader Nick Macak ’06, last June.

We were acquaintances during the 2005-2006 school year, but after he graduated, we lost contact.

We worked together often, and our friendship continued to grow.

Upon my graduation, I was hired as a campus life coordinator in 2003 and Mushtaq was the coordinator of student services.

We couldn’t be more blessed to have the opportunity to travel the world together as a newly married couple.

We met during the fall semester of 2004 when Jeff transferred into Lewis.

We were married in October 2007 and by the end of November we were living in Germany!

The assignment in Germany has allowed us amazing travel opportunities – in fact too many to count.

Freshmen year of college, Kyle went off to Lewis and I stayed home to go to community college.

However, John and I did not really get to know each other until tragedy occurred.

His sister and my best friend Sarah were killed in a car accident on December 28, 2002 along with her boyfriend Brandon Hardy.

He took the brunt of her frustrations and was such a kind soul through it all, even offering us his key to Founders Hall so we could get our jerseys washed for our double-header the following day.

That summer I worked as an orientation group leader, and he was a conference assistant.


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