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Intimidating words

There are choices to be made, but don’t rely on Hollywood movies when estimating what using them means.

Learn your limits, as it takes a lot of skills and practice to use them for your defense.

Of course, I would take a sawed-off shotgun and a pistol with me for close work.

Most bow hunters will only use a bow to kill game at up to 40 yards, although the bow itself will easily kill out to double that distance.

Bows were the most common distance weapon in use throughout the world for centuries.

There are many things to like about bows, as they are lightweight, accurate and can shoot a fair distance.

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You can’t get good with a bow anywhere near as fast as you can with a rifle or even a pistol.

Mankind was killing one another long before the invention of the firearm.

Ever since man first realized that sticks and stones could hurt, they have used anything they could find as a weapon.

Today’s treadmills are springier and more shock-absorbing than ever.

Many have added flashy new features, such as Internet hookups so that you can run and walk with other treadmillers from all over the globe.


  1. Intimidating definition, to make timid; fill with fear. See more.

  2. Treadmills are the motorized equivalent of walking or running in place. You simply keep up with a belt that’s moving under your feet. Treadmill workouts.

  3. Define intimidating causing feelings of fear, awe, or timidity — intimidating in a sentence

  4. When it comes to asking for donations, most of us head for the hills. It’s intimidating to ask other people to donate. Here's how to take the pressure off.

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