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Intimidating uniforms

Why be proud of something that is foisted upon you?Students are not there to represent the school, the school is there to educate the students.People dress according to the weather, not to the arbitrary whim of a principal or school board that wants to enforce conformity.

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Non-uniform schools are rare in Canterbury, and zoning means you don't choose a school.How is being proud of one's school uniform any different from being proud of a new branded jacket?READ MORE: * School uniforms - a blessing or a curse?You don't see office workers or policewomen running around in long kilts or culottes.You don't have managers announcing that all men must wear shorts because it's summer.However, Dijkstra and Preenen point out several confounding factors that the previous study did not account for.Taking these factors into consideration, the researchers found that athletes in blue and white uniforms had equal chances of winning a contest.When correcting for these three factors, the researchers found that pitting blue uniforms against white uniforms was actually a very fair match-up.They confirmed this result by analyzing 71 other major judo tournaments since 1996.Supposedly, blue could have an intimidating effect on opponents, since it is brighter than white.Further, white uniforms might be easier to see than blue uniforms, giving the athlete in blue the advantage of anticipating the movements of an opponent in white.


  1. Its suppose to project authority. I remember the NYPD wore powder biue shirts which made them look more like security guards than cops. A lot of younger people didnt take them seriously. Then they adopted the black uniform and they looked a lot more formable. Many police departments as well as correction depts. have.

  2. Jun 24, 2015. I won't pretend to like school uniforms, but I can understand why some people do. The uniform is supposed to make everyone equal, and prevent "competitive dressing". These are laudable goals.

  3. Jun 16, 2014. 17 of the scariest, most intimidating armed forces in the world.

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