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Interacial dating pros and cons

Though mixed couples are often scrutinized and put under great pressure from their families and society, the trend of intermarriage will continue to grow and have a very positive affect on the families formed. Miller, an Asian woman, introduced her Caucasian boyfriend Jim to her family, she said, “He [her father] shook Jim’s hand and grunted while looking away when they were introduced.For the most part, parents of mixed couples do not accept inter-racial and inter-religious relationships, or are at least hesitant about the idea at first. At dinner, he ignored Jim completely, speaking only in Chinese to my aunt (who, incidentally, was surprised to discover he could even speak Chinese)” (Miller 80).Unfortunately, these dissimilarities which begin to become insignificant to the couple are glaring to their families and society.

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When a Sunni Muslim and a Shiite Muslim married, “Terrorists, most likely from Al Qaeda, destroyed the Shiites’ Askariya Mosque in Samarra, and Shia militants responded by attacking dozens of Sunni mosques, including two in the local neighborhood of Adhamiya” (Dehghanpisheh, Nordland, and Hastings 24).

Society is what plants the idea of disapproval of inter-relations to parents when they are growing up.

George Yancey, Ph D, a black sociology professor at the University of North Texas says, “…the notion [of white supremacy] stayed with us after the [Civil] war, when it was used to legitimize segregation, discriminatory separate-but-equal laws, and legal bans of mixed-race marriages” (Spencer 133).

The hatred between the two different religions is intense, which makes it extremely difficult for the couple to live even remotely comfortably.

When facing such intense opposition of their marriage from society, what is the couple to do?


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