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LEGEND: Philosophical responses: general and specific (i.e.Utilitarian) Religious responses: general and doctrine specific (i.e.The book is subtitled "A Dialectic of Diet and Ethic" and is recommended to all vegetarians especially those interested in natural hygiene."The following pages were written in the Concentration Camp Dachau, in the midst of all kinds of cruelties.

The following are the excerpts from this essay that were reprinted in the postscript of the book "Radical Vegetarianism" by Mark Mathew Braunstein (1981 Panjandrum Books, Los Angeles, CA).

For example, many of the same arguments used for Hunting can also be used for Fishing or for the Wildlife Management sections after a little rewording.

Most topical arguments rely on a variation of the "human supremacy myth" as a foundation to their beliefs.

If men give rights or respect to women(or vice versa) that they diminish their own rights and respects?

It would seem you want to preserve the rights of some to not respect the rights of others.


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